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Thank you…that’s all really interesting. Off to the shops now for supplements, pineapple, probiotics and protein-ful snacks!

Yes, I’m all too aware that I’m not following Gwyneth’s guidelines. [ETA: I’m female, 5’4” and 24, so just within the 3000 calories category]. After a good attempt last year, I just got too uncomfortable with the increased weight and didn’t have the willpower to stick it out. I have used her question-and-answer service to see whether the current subclinical restriction might be affecting the teeth (waiting on her response). If she thinks an increase in energy intake to MinnieMaud levels will improve the tooth situation I will try it for the sake of my music-making, but otherwise I’m not sure I can currently summon the resolve, weak as that sounds.

Thank you again for your responses.

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