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The real truth is that we are all guinea pigs here. Unfortunately this is all based on speculation and anecdotal evidence. Although a lot of research has been done by Matt and others there is no long term evidence of how well this works. I read tons of ” research” on the paleo sites and all I got was a lot of feeling great and stuff followed by the biggest crash of my life back in March. Now I am walking that fine line of trying this on for size without making it another orthorexic adventure in search of the answer for everything wrong with me. That is the paradox here, diet recovery along with… Well a diet of sorts. So in short don’t take anything here too seriously. If your willing to take a gamble and can erase the worries of putting on ten, twenty, thirty or more pounds then cast your lot in with the rest of us and join us in this grand experiment. If not then at least do yourself the favor of not taking diets or a bit of extra weight too seriously. Life is to short to waste to much more time on that path. I have read Matt’s posts going back a couple of years and have seen his evolution. There is no reason to believe his thoughts and methods will not continue to evolve. It will be interesting to see we’re this is all at in another two years. One thing is for sure though there are so many people on here who have such similar stories that it leaves little doubt in me that heavy dietary restriction of any sort has caused a lot of problems for a lot o people. Good luck!