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This thread has made me feel much better. I’ve been having a rough day (or past few days) adjusting to my bigger body and trying to find outfits that I feel okay to go out in. One minute I’ll convince myself that it’s okay. That I tried everything in the world to regain my health and my period and so it’s okay that I’ve increased my calories, stopped working out and gained weight. I really needed to be reminded that it’s those last 10 pounds that can be really healing. I thought once I started to eat for heat (prior I was already eating 2500+ per youreatopia) I wouldn’t gain any more and would loose weight but I don’t think that’s happened yet and maybe I’ve even gained a bit more. Allowing myself to eat and gain weight has been the hardest thing ever but I know it is worth it. Resting and eating is where it’s at. It’s very healing. Good idea BauerPower to rest as your body seems to be asking for it. I love exercising and know that I’ll return to place where I move my body more but I want to make sure I’m really healthy when I do. I am determined to see this through!