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I do feel lucky to be where I am for sure. Don’t know if it was THE factor but I did try to keep my muscle mass with protein and resistance exercise through most of the process.

Also going in I told my surgeon that I didn’t want a very tight sleeve. In the VSG community there is a pretty vocal faction that advocates for a tight sleeve and a lifelong commitment to low cal/low carb eating.

Hair, skin, dizziness and body temp are all better. I do have energy crashes still after some meals…may be starch? I haven’t kept a diary of temps through the day with meals, thinking of starting that. Really I just worked on eating what I wanted to and trying not to feel like a failure for doing so.

I’m struggling some with body image. I was dreaming of size 8, made it to 10, now back into a 12. My husband has been doing IF – 2 down days a week – and is constantly nagging me to do it with him. I’m worried that even if it does work I will bounce back to a higher weight if I ever quit.

OTOH, I really want to reach/maintain a waist of 33″ or less because that is supposed to be a big marker for avoiding diabetes. When I say it is prevalent I mean near 100% in my mom’s family. 4 sisters in her generation, one with MS who has passe away, 3 with Type II diabetes, and 2 of those three with fatty liver disease.

I like my feet. I want to keep them.

Reading here has been very interesting. Pre WLS I was trying to do it all right…skim milk, whole grains, no HFCS/soda, etc. Drinking a ton of water since I was told urine should be clear. Exercise too, though at that high weight it just made me hungrier and I had regular injuries. So frustrating!