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As a practioner fresh out of college, I second the Chinese medicine recommendation. Herbs and acupuncture can help you balance out the hormones.

As to why the symptoms get worse with re-feeding, I don’t know, other than it probably has to do with testosterone. However, in metaphoric Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, it has to do with yin-yang balance. Hirsutism is a manifestation of too much yang (“male”) energy relative to yin (“female”). (Yang includes the androgens, but not exclusively.) Eating for Heat increases both certain aspects of yin (nourishment) and yang (heat and energy), but in your case they have not yet balanced out properly. In other words, the ratios have increased, but you still have unbalanced yin, yang, qi and blood. A good TCM practioner would probably give you herbs and needles/moxibustion to balance all this.

Diet-wise, I see alot of similarities in the 180 Degree Health approach and Chinese medicine dietetics. TCM diet therapy, however, individualizes the diet treatments according to disease patterns. I’ve been thinking that maybe those who have most success with RRARF, Eat for Heat etc. are those with the “Kidney” type TCM patterns. Those who experience the most weight-gain, loose stools, acne, etc. are probably those with “Spleen deficiency” patterns. PCOS consists of several patterns, so that might be why your case needs some extra diet “tweaking” so to speak.

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