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Were you on a slow gain before you started adding more? Wonder if it wouldn’t work as well if you’ve already got to the point you’re regaining on low calorie. I don’t think I could have done it either because my hunger was like an inferno as soon as I started eating more. But I was maintaining on low calorie so maybe I would have stayed at that weight, I don’t know. But I needed my energy back fast for all the work I do anyway. A lot of people don’t seem to have that appetite like I do, they have a hard time eating 2,000 calories and I’m like, what is wrong with you lol. Give it here, ill eat it for ya! ;) always was a big eater from the time I was a little girl. I ate like a boy.

One thing that bothers me a little about aggressive refeeding is I have a farm. I’ve raised a lot of livestock and also plants. There are a lot of general rules that tend to apply to everything, and one of those is all changes should be slow. You change diet, so it slow. Something’s dehydrated, give water in a limited fashion until the animal is rehydrated, then free choice. An animal is starved, limit the food and slowly increase until the animal is up to appetite. Then it’s appetite can decide how much. Same with a salt starved animal. Seedlings that have been indoors must be deposed slowly to the sun or thy but. A dairy goat breeder I know got back a very valuable buck she had sold a few years back. He was starved. Now she’s got over 20 yrs experience with goats so she knows not to give a bunch of grain in this case but she did feed him back heavily with roughage and caused liver failure and had to put him down. She didn’t know you had to basically starve them back out of it. The liver is functioning at way too low a level to process a normal or even excessively high load that comes with a normal to above normal food consumption.

But anyway, back to the video, his weight *loss* approach is moderate compared to most. He also talks about working up to as much calories as you can when maintaining to prevent getting in a bad place.

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