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Today I ate:
pre-breakfast: sourdough toast with butter, extra salt and apricot jam, few bites of butterscotch cake, few bites of cheese arepa with extra salt
breakfast: ? cup oatmeal with pear cooked in brown sugar and 1 cup raw whole milk, maple syrup, and topped off with sweet and spicy nuts
lunch: 1/2 bison burger, sweet potatoes, kale salad, sips of pomegranate lemonade, teeny tiny piece of Mary’s pizza
snack: bite of salty pretzel, sip of water
second lunch: ? bison burger, rest of the arepa, small milky chocolate milkshake, peppermint patty, 2 pieces raspberry chocolate, mini hershey’s chocolate, jason’s almond chocolate bar (I was starving after a bike ride!)
dinner: bite of grass-fed beef patty with cheese, ? ear corn with butter and salt, ? small red potato with butter and salt
dessert: cut up nectarine and strawberries with sugar (left for over an hour) with a little bit vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips.