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That’s interesting. If you’re confident it’s the liquid zinc that’s clearing your complexion and causing your gall bladder problems, then you have a real dilemma. It could be that the high concentration of zinc in the liquid is having some effect on your system besides correcting a deficiency–a medicinal, rather than a nutritional effect–which would be something you’d want to monitor carefully. It’s also possible you just have absorption problems and that’s why you’re not getting enough zinc from your food.

In the case of iron, I know that absorption can be drastically increased by eating your meals with something acidic like orange juice, or even with alcohol. On the other hand, tea, coffee, whole grains, certain vegetables, and dairy products inhibit absorption. I’m not positive that the same rules will apply with zinc as with iron, but they’re both heavy metals so it’s worth trying. As a side effect, you’ll also absorb more iron, which depending on your situation could be good or bad. Personally, I learned these tricks because I was trying to cut back on iron, since my levels used to be a little high. But low iron is more likely for pre-menopausal women.