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The Real Amy

Berry, some people may think differently, but I think you are best off going slow and working with your appetite. I would not force feed. The quicker you can tune into your body’s signals the better. Your appetite will catch up if it needs to. Yes, you should repair just eating a balanced diet, 3 meals/day, as you are doing. In fact, I would argue that is the best thing you can do. If your body decides it needs more carbs or sugar, or calories overall, you will start craving them in a big way and can always adjust. Our bodies are pretty smart, and once yours senses you are feeding it what it wants, it will give you signals.

If you go against your appetite and start force feeding, you will just screw up your signals more. Really the only time it is necessary to do so is when really starving in an anorexia-type situation when people completely lose their appetites. Does not sound like that is happening for you. If 2,000 cals feels right to you, it probably is at this point. It might adjust higher later, but you can always feel that out.