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15 months free (possible triggers)

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    It’s been 15 months since I last acted out, but this month has been by far the best. I was still dieting and following a “food plan” (that was actually from a treatment center, but very restrictive). I was scared if I ate too much I would act out, but I haven’t and it feels amazing to be “normal!”

    I’m still overweight but honesty I don’t care and to me that is recovery. When I was thin I frequently thought “I’d rather die than be fat.” What a sad way to live. So in a way I’m almost happy I put on some weight… Because I really faced my fears not all recovery involves weight gain! I swung between 140lbs and 320lbs more than once so not surprising I ended up in the middle of those numbers, don’t be afraid you might not gain weight). I am slowly getting back into exercise to battle that but my life does not revolve around it! I just want to be healthy.

    I get to go out to dinner with my boyfriend and look at the full menu, I get to go grocery shopping without taking anxiety meds, I get to grab a piece of cake on a coworkers birthday, and all without shame.

    It feels amazing, not every moment, but overall it’s just a freedom I’ve never felt. It’s taken me years of therapy, medication, and healing to get here but I feel like 180 was the last piece, thanks Matt! So many people still offer restrictive food plans as a cure to EDs and in my experience it was just a different way to practice my ED behaviors.


    Great news!!

    My diet history is not quite as extreme, but I agree, just letting go, and allowing yourself to eat that slice of cake, guilt-free, is AWESOME. It’s even better now that eating 180 has gotten me on a good metabolism path – where that slice of cake gets digested and disposed of appropriately now – and is no longer stored for emergencies (that never arrive).

    I agree. It feels amazing!


    Agreed, it does feel amazing and freeing!! I felt Matt’s advice was the final push I needed. I can’t remember which book it was, I think DR 2, but he said something along the lines that someone who is healthy places all food on a neutral playing field. There is no good or bad food. FOR ME, what I took away was that there are certain foods that I will avoid (for religious reasons, health, or otherwise, i.e. PUFA’s, soy, leafy greens), but I won’t obsess or be neurotic if I can’t avoid it. Well, the leafy greens only because eating them causes me severe diarrhea until it is completely gone from my body. Sorry for the TMI!

    Anyway, I know the freeing feeling. Congrats and I hope this continues for you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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