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    Rob just posted a good calculator on another forum topic. It shows you how many calories you need to stay above your basal metabolic rate and below your total energy expenditure.


    Check this out! (Also got this reference from Rob.)

    “While most recommend eating as little food as possible and doing as much exercise as one can bear, Taking Up Space advocates finding the MAXIMUM amount of calories and minimum number of paranoid restrictions that still gets results.

    In the book, Go Kaleo talks about her incredible 80-pounds of slow, effortless, hunger and craving-free weight loss that never came back ? all on a steady diet of 2800 calories a day with a few good workouts a week. No big cravings for carbs, meat, fat, or sweets ? as these were things that she was eating in ample abundance every day.

    After reaching a healthy goal, what did she do? She increased calories even more only to find that this allowed her to build toned muscle and shed more fat than ever before.”

    So it is eating less and exercising more, initially, but with a different emphasis. Instead of trying to eat as little as possible, you eat as much as you can without gaining. That’s a completely different approach and mindset from thinking you’re doing better by eating less. So now I have to learn how to count calories after all, not in order to starve myself, but to know how to go to the edge of what I can eat without going over the edge. I’ve always known that’s how it works, but didn’t know how to determine where the edge was.


    I just love this site.

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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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