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    Matt Stone

    Hey everybody. Welcome to the long-awaited 180D forums. Have fun participating. If there’s any way that you think the forums can be improved please send an email to to share your feedback.

    If you plan on participating in the Women’s Health forum frequently, please introduce yourself!

    First,’take a moment to create a profile pic?at


    Hi everyone, I stumbled upn this site from a post Matt made on a site called naturally knocked up.

    I was looking in to thyroid problems, as we have a history in our family of hypothyroidism, esp. in realtion to pregnancy and childbirth. I have had various symptoms fr a while, after a miscarriage then subsequent good pregnancy and baby, and dr have offered a blood test (which is my idea of absolute torture). After having a baby seven months ago, it is difficult to tell the difference between common thyroid symptoms and results of having a small baby, weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, hair etc.

    Anyway, after breastfeeding this long and not losing any weight I began taking morning temperature and found it was well cold! I tried the 30 day eating well and resting (as much as possible) approach and, my temp shot up, so that’s all good, and, honestly, just eating properly and eating enough can’t hurt anyone. My skin hasn’t been so terribly dry as before (no magic potions) and neither has my hair, no ice feet and hands etither. Also, I think my period is about to come back too (have had signs of ovulation).

    Thyroid is always something at the back of my mind, due to family history so I’m happy to take simple, non-invasive steps now and hopefully this won’t be an issue for me.

    One thing though: I love kale, it goes so well with a nice stew, red meat, scrambled egg, everything :). In fact I love all brassicas, we grow most of our own veg here in UK and due to climate we have to rely on brassicas for several months a year, (kale, turnips- yes I know they’re fodder-, swede, cabbages, kohl rabi, rocket, pak choi etc), my kale stands under 4 feet of snow and still tastes good. I’m hoping I can keep these as staple veg and still thrive.


    Hello, my name is Lily and I found out about Matt and 180degreehealth through youreatopia. I had an eating disorder in my past and recovered and was healthy and had a baby 6 years ago. I just realized that I relapsed into restrictive eating slowly as I worked on losing the baby weight. Finding paleo lead me to become orthorexic and I lost my period for 3 years. After eating loads of food and putting my crossfit membership on hold I got back my period just last month. Recently, I’ve been RRARFing and am seeing 98.6 after eating! Yay! I’m really hoping that my cycle will become regular and that I’ll be pregnant soon.

    Hannah Ransom

    Hey, I’m Hannah and you can find me as a contributor here or over at my website

    I’m super into the sympto-thermal method of fertility awareness and everything related to women’s health. Hopefully I will be able to help out with some of the questions around here :)


    My name is Laura and I am a recovering WAPF-er. I also dabbled in paleo and low carb for a (fortunately) short time.

    I have two children so my attempts at rest and re-feeding have been pretty limited, but I am committing to trying to get pregnant in the next 3 months to a year, so I want to be in the best possible shape hormonally, physically, and metabolism-wise. Hence I am here for advice. :)


    Hi, I am Lisa. I need a treatment suggestion.

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