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3 month EFH update

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    Hey all,

    I have been working on my metabolism for at least a year now. At first I was using a Ray Peat inspired approach which saw some results, however when the winter hit I was freezing again. I Was sick of the dietary restrictions and social isolation I was causing myself and decided to give this Eat for HEat a crack. ITs been three months and Im feeling the positives!

    The first couple of months have been tough. Introducing a lot of foods I have not had for years seemed to make my body respond in a bunch of crazy ways. I kept a bit of a diary in the first few weeks and this is some of the stuff I experienced..

    Extreeme fatigue, muscle tingleing/itching, shivering, dry mouth/skin, pain under rib, mouth ulcer, low back pain, poor sleep, constipation, bleeding gums, pain between shoulder blades, jaw discomfort, frequent urination, extreme hunger.
    Some of the symptoms felt like what I imagine to be gall bladder issues however they have now passed.

    Overall most of those symptoms are gone. Especially glad to see the gall bladder type issues go.. I am sleeping quite good now. At least 8 hours a night (there are the occasional nights though)
    My urine concentration is better. When I started I was pissing clear quite a lot. Now it is a yellow concentration and I am handling some fluids a lot better. HAnds and feet are warm nearly all of the time.
    Reseeding/bleeding gums have healed up.

    The best parts are no longer obsessing over food.
    Catching up with friends without feeling anxious/dizzy/stressed.
    Feeling like playing my guitar again and doing other hobbies outside of researching nutrition/health strategies. I even wrote a new song!
    HAving energy to go to the beach, camping with friends, get out into nature.

    Im far from perfect and there is still a long way to go. I cant really handle exercise yet but I believe I will get there and the future looks bright.

    I thought I would give you this update as I have posted some topics regarding some of the negative symptoms I was experiencing.

    Best wishes with your recovery!


    That’s excellent news, Rob! Your face looks fuller and healthier in the video than in your avatar. I’m sure your friends and family must be noticing the positive changes.


    That’s so reassuring….I am glad you posted the video and the note about the new song. I have a violin sitting in my office that has not seen any action since, well, ugh, I can’t remember but it was probably about the last time I myself did. We have both leading very passionless lives. One of the most discouraging things about my previous attempts at ‘recovery’ (I have struggled with classic anorexia) was that even with getting back on a structured recovery meal plan and putting on a bit of weight I still felt no interest in most of the things that I wanted to want to do.

    What is your EFH routine looking like? Are you just eating whatever whenever and lots of it?


    Yeah I am just eating what ever I want whenever I want. As long as it pushes me towards being warmer. I’ve been doing the Salt, Starch, Saturated Fat, Sugar thing. Experimenting to find things that make me warm. Earlier on I couldn’t really handle much fluid at all so I would had small sips of things if I was thirsty. Now I can handle a bit more fluid I find coke works the best for now. At first I felt like no matter how much I ate I could never feel full, but now Im having around 6-7 meals a day and following hunger cues.

    A big part of doing this was trying to chill out and not shame myself for eating certain foods (processed, gluten, takeaway, etc). Create consciousness around comparing myself to others. Accept my body for what it is, embrace and explore the self that is beyond my physical body.

    For a couple of months I was very inactive and could only really manage a small walk with my dog each day. Getting out into the fresh air made me feel a lot better, and also inspired me to do what I was doing.
    Since becoming a bit more active I know that my core strength has diminished quite a lot, and I need to ease into things.
    Plus the extra weight I have grown, especially in the belly region is pulling my pelvis forward and putting stress on my low back.
    Its a strange feeling to start moving around day to day and feel like you have a 20kg weight vest on. FEel like I have DOMs in my legs when I haven’t even worked out!

    What a journey!


    what a journey indeed, cheers


    That’s awesome and really what I was hoping you would say. I know there’s a lot of talk about what is best to increase temps around here but for me the most solace is in the idea of letting go of the need to have an eating regimen. I guess maybe for some people some types of foods/diets (vegan, PUFA, water, starch vs. fructose, weight training vs. cardio, etc etc) might be problematic but for me the unhealthiest ingredient of all is structure.

    As far as carrying around 30+ extra pounds, I imagine that is just a matter of getting used to it. It is just not what you’re used to but I think after some period it will become the new (and healthier) normal for you. That is going to be such a struggle for me though. I’m so used to being small, slight. It isn’t even a vanity thing, it’s more of a comfort.

    I’m also struggling with the exercise question. It’s such a part of my self-esteem and identity to be a ‘runner.’ I am having a really hard time letting that go, if I’m in fact even trying to. I also cut back to just dog walking for a while (and my dog loved it-he doesn’t get to come along on the runs because he slows me down, how sad is that?) but I’m easing back into running. I’m still not sure I’m ready.


    Yeah carrying the extra weight is hard to get used to. But I have seen examples of other people who have raised there metabolism and then lost some of the weight in a healthy manner so I don’t see why I cant. All I know is that none of this will happen over night. Just gotta try and stay positive, be consistent, and love thy self no matter what size or shape..

    My exercise for now is walking the dog and doing some stretching/body weight stuff. Before recovery I rock climbed a lot, and in the past did a lot of running/weight lifting so I do miss the activity. I went from punching out 15 pullups to a max of 3 now.

    But I guess I feel lucky that I even get a chance to walk my dog. I feel lucky that I get the opportunity to heal and take time out. There is a lot to feel good about


    Your dog must be so happy. My dog knew i wasnt well so he would just lay by my side alot. Then when i started to move a little more he would jump up and get his leash. It made me feel good seeing how happy he was when we went outdoors. Btw how is the sleep coming along. I notice for the past few nights i am up from 1:00-3:00. Not sure if its something i have eaten or what. But temps are actually coming up and so is energy. And pee is usually yellow. I’ve implemented a few things and i guess is starting to pay off.


    Haha my dog is a funny one. When I was extremely tired some days I would go lay out in the sunshine, and the dog probably knew I was unwell, however she still just wants to play. So she would start flicking my arms around with her snout, growl at me (in playful manner) trying to motivate me to get up and do something with her.

    I had issues with sleep early on but lately it seems pretty good. I sleep around 8-9 hours a night. However I still dont feel very refreshed yet… I initially found it hard to sleep between 11pm-1am which I am putting down to gall bladder/liver stress. Now that seems ok with the occasional issue (touch wood).

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