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5 weeks pregnant and always hungry

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    Hey all, just found out 4 days ago I’m pregnant for the first time (31 and on the 3rd month trying…thanks, Eat for Heat!)…

    Pretty much ever since then I’ve been constantly hungry and a little lightheaded. Temps are right at 98.6 upon waking, warm hands and feet, not constipated or peeing like crazy. But I’ll have a nice-sized balanced meal, and within 15-30 minutes I’m seriously hungry again.

    I’m almost 6′ and probably about 190 (size 12), so it’s not like I need to gain more weight. And I’ve been getting plenty of nutrients through both food and good supplements, I think.

    Any other ladies had this experience? Should I just Eat the Food and take the weight if it comes? Is it possible that my body’s trying to fill up on good stuff before morning sickness kicks in?

    Should I emphasize any particular macronutrient (more protein or fat to stay full longer)? Plenty of sugar OK, esp. from fruit and honey? Would love a 180DegreeHealth take on early pregnancy…since conventional wisdom is to NOT increase calories at this stage. Thanks!

    Hannah Ransom

    Body knows best/baby knows best!

    Eat what you crave. Most people do increase calories during 1st trimester.


    I’m currently pregnant with baby # 7 and I’m always starving in my first tri. I don’t worry about it. I have had 6 healthy babies and no pain meds and I think it’s because I’m well nourished.


    Hi Usually people get morning sickness from day 1 so the gorge now- puke later theory probably doesn’t hold. As the others have said definitely do eat when hungry, and bear in mind that weight gain is inevitable and it’s probably the only time when you’re socially “allowed” to gain weight :) But be prepared for well meaning friends to constantly comment on your size- so annoying!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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