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A couple questions about salt

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    My body temperature upon waking is usually somewhere between 96 Fahrenheit and 96.5.

    I should be eating a good amount of salty foods and drinking less fluids, right? How come salty foods and salt in general is just not appealing to me? On the other hand, I really want to drink a ton of soda.

    When eating meals at home lately I have been eating a tsp of salt with my food. There isn’t any downside to doing this right? There’s always carbs in the meal. It’s easier for me to get salt that way rather than eating foods with salt already in them which I don’t crave.


    Remember you need a balance of the stress S’s. Perhaps you need more of starch, sugar or sat. fat. Listen to your body as Matt says. If you are not craving salt cut back. Also most people are iodine deficient which can impair thyroid function. I take Lugols iodine daily. It is needed just to detox all the fluoride and bromine and chlorine toxicity in our bodies.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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