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    Q #1: Can someone explain in layman’s terms or point me to a good study about the benefits of sugars to our metabolism? I’m convinced that the low carb suppression effect on my thyroid must have a lot to do with my current problems. I do have my morning basal temps reading at a consistent 98 or 98.2* which I guess is a good thing.

    Q #2: What’s with Ray Peat? I’ve heard of him in passing but is he considered a credible source of nutrition science? Mind you, I’ve been worshipping at the altars of Eades, Cordain, Dr. William Davis, Gary Taubes and Chris Masterjohn for a number of years ;-)

    Q#3: What’s with eating sugar-laden cereal? I saw the article on Matt’s site this week. I think for now, since he and I can have nothing at all in common metabolically other than say, Venice Florida and we are both breathing, I’m going to consider breakfast cereals still taboo. But I do wonder who all does that now and what benefit there is to them.

    TIA :-)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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