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How to achieve 98.6 morning temp?

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    For those here who have been able to achieve a 98.6 morning temp, especially after going through the process of ‘diet recovery’? How did you do this? What was it that made you become able to raise your morning oral temperatures 98.6?
    The target that we should strive for (as indicated in both Diet Recovery 2 and Vegan Solution) is a morning temperature of 98.6 for an oral reading. I use an oral thermometer, and it seems that I can only attain a 98.6 temperature later in the day after eating breakfast and lunch (or even dinner). By what technique do you guys manage to achive a 98.6 oral temp early in the morning?

    mighty m

    I’d like to hear, too! Curious because I’m the same, so I’m posting to get emails.

    Started this thread, people were saying that high-97 and low-98 were decent for basal (early morning). But I am really curious how people managed to get as high as 98.6 in the early mornings.

    Edit: you did a better job of being concise. :)

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    I have a high morning temp (usually around 99) and I haven’t done anything special to get it there besides everything that I’ve been doing to recovery from years of restricting my eating. Here’s what I’ve been doing the past 3 months that I think have contributed:
    I aim for at least 8 hours of sleep
    I have blackout blinds (I haven’t been at home for the past 2 weeks though and so have had light in my room though and still have high morning temps)
    I don’t watch tv or use electronics at least an hour before bed- usually just reading and a bath
    I practice mindfulness meditation daily
    I have taken a break from exercise. Over the past 3 months I’ve only done yoga about 5 times and usually I’ll just walk around and recently I’ve been swimming in the ocean and kayaking but I think taking a break from exercise really helped me.

    As far as food I eat pretty much whatever I want whenever I want and watch fluid intake. Now I drink water if I want but probably not much more than a big glass or two total a day. I eat regular meals, sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller with snacks. Sometimes I have a bigger dinner and dessert but most of the time I’ve eaten a lot during the day and have a smallish dinner consisting of protein and carbs (I’m not trying to eat a certain way I just eat what is made since I’m with my extended family). I add a lot of salt to things and try to get in a little sweet too. If I’m hungry or feel cold or pee clear I’ll have some salt and sugar. I did this more in the beginning and would sometimes have some popcorn and a date or small bowl of ice cream before bed.


    Saisrice, do you drink any fluids with your meals? I like to eat a heavy lunch, which is starchy & little salty, but I also like to drink juice for the sweetness along with my lunch. What do you think of using orange juice to add sweetness to a big meal? Do you think that it could negate the warming effect of the meal if I drink a few glasses? Also, liquids like juice tend to fill you up without bringing in more calories – this causes you to feel full without eating as much. Is this accurate? I like drinking juice with my lunch as I believe it is a good compliment. What are your thoughts of drinking juices with meals?


    I drink juice with some meals. Sometimes I notice positive effects, and sometimes it doesn’t work quite as well. I think the warming effects of meal/fluid ratios constantly change depending on the stress I am exposed to surrounding the meal etc. I drank OJ with meals for a long time but to be honest I have noticed more improvement since I started using soft drink. But thats me… I think the food/fluid is only as good as the body its going into and we’re all different.

    Perhaps you could try having a meal with less juice, or without the juice and see how your body responds?


    I think fluid intake depends on the person and some other variables like OldMate said. For me, I only have a few sips of something with meals. Primarily it’s because I’m not super thirsty then and am distracted by eating and also aware that I don’t want to be cold and mitigate the effects of my meal.

    For breakfast I usually have 2 sips of cold coffee with milk and sugar (I know 2 sips sounds weird but it’s what I swallow my vitamins with). Then I may or may not have a sip of water or something before my snack or lunch. When I first started EFH I would have a few sips of lemonade or cranberry juice with sparkling water or natural cola. Never a whole glass though. I’ve heard a lot about orange juice but don’t drink it myself just because it’s not super thirst quenching for me.

    Yesterday at lunch I had about 3 sips of water. Then before dinner I had about a 1/2 glass of water because I was thirsty from the beach. Then at dinner I had a sip or two of water and maybe a few sips of wine. I try and not drink a whole glass of anything unless I’m really thirsty. I think I took the fluid limiting too far in the beginning and was dreaming of water but afraid to drink as I loved seeing my temperature in the high 99s. Now I don’t question my thirst as much and will drink when I want.

    As far as your question about drinking of few glasses of juice with your lunch, it may negate the warming effect. I remember Matt wrote about how pizza is warming and if you eat a slice with a few sips of something that you’ll be warm and toasty but if you eat and entire pizza and drink a gallon of water you’ll be freezing a peeing. Since you’re drinking juice it may be different so it all depends on how you feel. Are you warm after drinking that amount? Does your pee have some color? Juice does have calories but from what I’ve read drinking your calories is less satiating for some than eating it. I think it’s all a personal preference.

    If your temps are still low in the morning maybe try cutting back on the fluids for a bit like OldMate suggested. I do think that a few glasses of juice would be too much for me and I probably wouldn’t be as warm. I’ve also read about people adding salt and gelatin to their OJ so you could try that. For me adding salt to my drinks makes me more thirsty so I just have some salt plain. For example, this morning before my coffee I ate some salt slowly off a spoon (sorry if that sounds gross).


    Saisrice, thanks for that. You also previously said that for food, you pretty much whatever you want, wherever you want. But then you also said you eat regular meals, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller. Can you tell me more about your meal timings/frequency? Do you eat breakfast, lunch dinner at regular set times? Has it been beneficial? Also, if you don’t mind, what foods do you actually eat? And which foods have been most beneficial for you? Thanks.


    Hi Expert, I try and eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up and since I”m not working during the summer that time varies depending on how late my daughter sleeps. I don’t eat at set times but just eat when I’m hungry or when others are hungry and we’re eating a meal. That said, I’m often hungry before a “set” lunch or dinner time and so I’ll eat before that. Here’s what I ate yesterday:
    8:00 2 pieces homemade french toast with maple syrup and blueberries, 2 sips of coffee
    1:30 cup of carrot ginger soup with loads of salt (I went out to lunch and was starving! and our food was taking so long that I needed to eat something), turkey and cheese panini with side salad with little dressing and salt, a few of my nephews french frieds (maybe 3), 1 sip water. I added extra salt to the panini.
    4:40 2 pieces chocolate
    5:00 small bowl of left over fruit crumble with low-fat (what was in the fridge) greek yogurt
    small glass sparkling water
    7:00 2 chips with guacamole, few carrot sticks with guac, sip of rose
    7:45 chicken breast with herbs and capers, roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed chard, piece of bread with butter
    9:30 small bowl homemade rice pudding with cherries.

    That’s not such a typical day for me since I’m on vacation with my extended family but you probably get the idea and see that I eat a big variety of things. I’ve posted on here before about what I’ve eaten so maybe there’s a way to search the threads for that?

    There isn’t one food that I can think of that has been most beneficial for me. Adding salt, limiting fluids and adding in starch has been huge for me. Now that I think about it there are a few breakfast foods that really work for me- french toast and chocolate chip pancakes! Those will really raise my temperature! When I was first EFH I would also eat ice cream a little bit more frequently and if I was thirsty I would make milky milk shakes with raw whole milk, chocolate syrup and a little ice cream. I would make a small one (about 1/4-1/2 cup) and then have a few sips and sometimes put it back in the fridge and have it with my meals. That was when I was really thirsty though and now I’m able to keep my temps up and still have some water. I also carried salted pretzels with me and some dried fruit (cherries or dates) and would have a few when I would feel hungry and was out.

    Once I am back to work I will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and set times because this is what I like best:)

    mighty m

    Good news, it can be done!

    This week: In week 3 of menstrual cycle (1 week after ovulation), I got 98.4, 98.8, 98.6 as morning, pre-breakfast temperatures! Mid-afternoon has seen 98.8, 98.9, even 99.2.

    Surprisingly, the 98.8 was after a night in which I’d slept really poorly … which would normally drop one’s temperature. On the other hand, I slept in that morning, so I was checking “basal” at 10am, ha ha. Maybe that doesn’t count, ha!

    Will probably drop back down a bit during days 1-14, but hopefully can keep it decent.

    I’ve continued to work on not delaying meals, snacking when hungry. The only big difference between now and last month — I have been trying some sugary drinks like juice and lemonade, based on my reading here on the forum, and only drinking water when *really* thirsty. For some reason, I ADORE the organic lemonade that has been on sale a lot lately. I drink way more of it than any other drink, just for the pleasure. I wonder if it’s really a response to some biological craving? Other juices and drinks are fine, but don’t appeal to the same degree.

    I guess another big difference, is that making sure to eat plenty of calories every day has reduced my number of disrupted-sleep nights down to just 4 in the last month. Before I started eating lots, I was waking up more nights than not.

    I still might not be eating *quite* enough sometimes. I have been loath to count, but think I perhaps ought to to make sure. I believe I’m getting 2500 most days, but many days I’m pretty active and should have more. It might also help me make sure I’m getting a large portion of them early-ish in the day.

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