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Aching tooth after root canal

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    Bella John

    I had a root canal 10 months ago on my front tooth due to a severe abscess. For months following, the tooth continued to pain somewhat and occasionally moderately. The discomfort comes and goes. When I exercise, it hurts the worst. Sometimes, but not always, when eating. I don’t have any discomfort on some days. Strangely enough, it occasionally feels like it’s the neighboring tooth. It’s quite aggravating! I’m tired of the pain, even if it’s only minor and intermittent. Any suggestions would be really helpful!

    Anne J Lundeen

    A root canal is always a compromise; it’s impossible to remove all contaminated material from every single root canal; some canals have small auxiliary branches, while others have tight kinks and curves that our files and chemicals can’t reach.
    The goal of root therapy, on the other hand, is to lower the bacterial load to the point where the host’s defenses can mop up any bacteria that make their way into the gap between the tooth and the bone.
    It will be good if you arrange a detailed meeting with your endodontist so that he can understand the current situation of your teeth

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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