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    My functional medicine doc wants me to follow the Acid-Alkaline Diet. This is the same doc who wanted me to do the juice fast, a la Joe Cross.

    I’m just not going there; too much reasonable information suggests the pH diet to be flawed…I even told her “I’ll stand outside barefoot in 40* weather every day for an hour to ground myself, but this acid-alkaline business just seems too ‘woo-woo’ to me.”

    She argued that it isn’t “woo-woo,” it’s science…

    <sigh> Any ideas about how to politely suggest to her that the “science” behind the pH diet theory isn’t strong enough to convince me to do it? Although she and I disagree on the issue of nutrition, she has been a huge help to me in working through adrenal and thyroid dysfunction, so I won’t be firing her…this week!

    Any shared wisdom is most appreciated!


    I’m not going to comment on the validity of this because when it comes down to it, who knows? (I actually personally feel better when my urine PH is not too acidic.)

    Before embarking on this, I would measure your PH (both salivary and urine). You might not even need this. If you do find your PH less than awesome (urine PH seems to be a better indicator then salivary), then you can go from there.

    Good luck!


    You may find this interesting:

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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