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    Hey, i am wondering if when the body starts to let go of stress we start to feel less high as we did before. Like after we get healthy again do we run off a lower energy? sort of a more relaxed energy? when people say they feel really vibrant and healthy and super energised do you think it is just from stress?

    mighty m

    My opinion … “yes” to all your questions/hypotheses. I have a past history of being a workaholic/adrenaline junkie. And caffeine drinker! Other than a recent grain-free time of a few months (sigh), being an adrenaline + caffeine junkie was probably the main cause of my undereating/irregular eating over the years, rather than dieting per se. I always felt, “I don’t have time to eat! I don’t have time to cook!”

    Really working hard to get AWAY of that mentality.

    As I do that, and now that I keep coffee to only 1/2 cup or less a day, I find that I have more STEADY energy but very rarely have the exhilaration that can come from adrenaline. One day I had to meet a deadline, and had nothing handy to eat until I got the task done, which was going to take a couple hours … after an hour or so, going hungry DID bring about that “high” that I remember. Wow. I realized then how going hungry can be an addiction in an of itself, with or without the workaholic angle, and with or without any body/”health” perfectionism.

    I remember a paraphrase of Schwarzbein that either Matt or someone else quoted … something like, “Spending is fun, saving is boring, but you need both to be balanced.” Spending here being the energy rush … a little stress and occasional “adrenaline rush” can be really great and energizing, I think. But calling upon that response over and over really *does* lead to burnout.

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    Being an addictive personality I used to feed off of adrenaline highs. Towards the end of my dieting madness though the intensity of the highs and lows got to be too much. I have had a lot more of that steady calm energy lately and must say I’d rather find a way to maintain this than go back to the old way. I used to think I enjoyed those highs and very spiritual moments despite the lows that would follow. Now I realize I was just jacking my hormones around and that can’t be a good thing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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