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    Hi I am hoping someone who has more experience here can advise me which 180 book would be the most suitable.

    I already bought the diet recovery 2 book which was a great insight, but seemed targetted at more obsessive dieters. I think in general the advice is great for anybody, but I am still looking to get my core temperature up to 37. It’s around 36 which is up from 35 (or less) since I began, with the ultimate aim of shedding the weight gain from pregnancy. My main problem is eating enough rich food without resorting to junk food- nothing wrong there in principle, just I have noticed for me that too much junk food adversely affects my mood and energy, plus processed food seems to contain mostly vegetable fats.

    Anyway, would eat for heat, or the 180 kitchen book be better? or would the strategy for weight loss be the one since that is my overall target now that I have seen other physical improvements (or is there something that I’m overlooking).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Much love, Crinkly


    @crinkly- Eat for Heat would be my suggestion. You might also consider the Vegan Solution, as that contains a number of meal ideas that are vegan/vegetarian friendly, and tend to be not ‘junk food’-y.

    In general though, concentrated foods with low water content are great for increasing metabolic rate. Things like dried and cooked fruit, pastries, jams and jellies, and syrups on the sweet end, and breads, crackers, pancakes, cornbread, etc. on the starchy end. Fatty foods like chocolates, coconut products, and dairy tend to be useful too, but just be mindful of high water content foods like whole or reduced milk, etc., as you can wash yourself out on those. Hearty foods like steaks, burgers and mashed potatoes are great too, especially because they can absorb a good deal of salt to get to optimally palatable.

    In fact, homemade foods are great for that reason. Feel free to also check out the ‘Eat the Food’ forum for food and menu ideas.

    Good luck


    Thanks Rob, I think I’ll check out eat for heat then. I must admit that I have developed a taste for milk recently which is unusual for me. I am having a hard time adjusting to the extra salt as I really didn’t have much of a salt habit before. I think my father- who pours salt on his bacon!!- put me off it.

    Best, crinkly

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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