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Afternoon Exhaustion

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    My temps are up and I slept pretty good last night…but I am still getting sooo sleepy at work. Of course this happens when I am in meetings. I am ok say for the first half hour, but then my eyes get heavy. Then it’s all down hill…complete torture trying not to fall asleep and trying to pay attention. This isn’t good.

    I was reading through EFH to see if I can find the association between what I am eating.

    I am had low Vitamin D in the past and have been put on high doses of Vitamin D….wondering if my levels are low again.


    Feeling very sleepy and tired is not something you will be able to avoid when your body needs to heal. I have gone through the same myself, and after much experimentation, I never found a cure. The only thing you can do is just keep at it, get plenty of rest and sleep, keep stress levels down, and then you’ll start getting your energy back throughout the entire day.

    Unless you’re simply starving at those points of the day you are feeling most sleepy. You could try eating more before or around this time of day to see if it makes a difference. A snack of some kind, perhaps.


    Meetings have the same effect on me… :)

    I found working at home, I don’t get the afternoon sleepies. Could be an indoor air pollution issue (any extra hot air & CO2 in those meetings?? HA!). Some plants might help, or a personal air filter – or an open window if O2 levels are low.

    I would also get some vitamin D – I take it regularly, here in Seattle we don’t get natural D from sun exposure from about October until May… so supplementing with vitamins or a tanning bed is a must.

    Low D will definitely cause the drowsies.


    Slept like a baby last night. 8 Solid hours. Feel good today…even went to the gym. I missed out on some rest last weekend. It catches up with me.

    If I could just get all the rest I need daily, I would be some much more consistent with everything in my life. I have been battling with sleep for so long – I wake between 3-4, then can’t get back to sleep. I am in the habit of taking 1 sleep pill (the medicine that is in Tylenol pm, less the Tylenol), it does the trick and helps me stay asleep all night. I figure it is better than taking Ambien which I was in the habit of for a while (used to take .25 of pill when I would wake). I haven’t tried the salt/sugar under the tongue yet…maybe I will give it a try next week as I will be on vacation.


    drink coffee or red bull…wahtever you like, just make sure you do it on a full stomach to avoid a stress response…don’t worry about the negativity surrounding caffeine, it’s all b.s. if it works then do it!


    I didn’t see any benefit from the salt/sugar under the tongue when I woke at night and couldn’t get back to sleep. What worked great for me was a chunk of cheese. I wake a couple times every night (I really don’t know how well I sleep on my own, I have children waking me up). Most of the time I can fall right back asleep but especially late in my pregnancy I’d be unable to and the cheese worked every time.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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