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    Hello all.

    I agree about dieting…it sucks. I am looking more closely at my diet to see what needs addressed. I came across diet recovery and found it interesting.

    I am 40 year old male. I think my metabolism is okay for the most part but may be kidding myself. I am overweight by enough (80-90 lbs.)

    I had a first noticeable weight gain at age 6 after tonsil surgery. Any thoughts on how to recover that? I stayed overweight/ struggled to lose until adulthood when I started work as a nurse…night shift and have remained so.

    Inspite of that I keep most mental/ emotional stress low. But in the 17 years on nights my weight is at 280+/-. I am active – weights and hockey (no long slow cardio). It is crazy hard to drop much more than 10 lbs. My calorie intake is prob around 2500.

    I will be trying to track waking temp…how long should I do this?

    I’d like to at least maintain muscle…how do I figure out a good starting point for how much protein I might need?

    In the recent newsletter it has Scott Abel talking about carb requirements…how do we figure this out?

    How in line is the info from Matt Stone with Scott Abels?

    After reading diet recovery it talks about how omega 6 jacks around with your metabolism, I wonder how long it can take for them to get out of the body?

    I was going to choose foods based on eat right for your type (to rule out food sensitivities and inflammation) but not limit cals. It seems I don’t gain or lose persey by doing this…it seems to be able to stay in line with matts stuff. Thoughts?

    Am I best to start with 3 meals or should I have snacks?

    I am looking forward to my journey here.



    Hey, TeddyO

    I don’t have answers for you, I’m new here too. I have questions, and have eaten paleo (with starch, no grains but carbs were definitely a go) for a few years, and gained fat, lost muscle. I also CrossFit regularly.

    Matt’s info is the first that explains why that might be happening, but I’m terrified of the recovery process as it includes gaining weight (possibly)…I figure I’ll adapt my eating also to more nutrition dense foods, no foods “illegal” though, and continue going to CrossFit. I was thinking of leaning to eating for Type A (which may be a reason paleo didn’t work for me) but according to this plan/program/idea then it shouldn’t matter WHAT foods we eat…pay attention to biofeedback to determine what makes you feel good or not, right?

    I dunno. But I’m willing to give it a go.


    Temp this am on rising 98.3.

    Agree per Matt’s info, it should not matter what we eat, jacked up metabolism is what impacts food tolerances. I have some of those and perhaps eat right for your type explains some of it, perhaps Matt’s info does…time will tell.

    I will try to track my temps before I eat and on rising each day. How Close or far away from the 98.6 suggests mild, moderate, severe metabolism issues.

    I am actually going to shift some of my training to follow MAXercise principles.

    I know I have a jacked up metabolism somehow, Matt’s list of symptoms gets some yes’ from me. I think, the more I read his stuff, it’s stress related. Working notes, jacked up sleep patterns, jacked up eating patterns, pretty heavy in omega 6’s etc etc.

    A lot of what I have read of Matt’s I was getting to the same conclusion, just wasn’t sure of where to go. I think I will find A lot of knowledge gap fillers with his readings.

    I’m excited to see where it ends.



    Temp on waking 97.6


    Yesterday and today temp 97.3/97.4. I am discounting the first temp as a learning lesson. It was prob taken 10-20 mins after I woke up but was still in bed. So it does not take much to increase the temp.


    Temp this am 97.7.


    96.2, 96.9 are the last 2 morning temps.


    Last 3 waking temps, 96.2, did not take(short sleep and woke with gnarling stomach), 97.9(today).

    Took approx 2 teaspoons bcaa’s and 2-3 teaspoons coconut oil before bed, slept awesome woke without hunger.


    97.7 yesterday am today 97.5 beer and chix wings before bed.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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