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    I’m wondering if there have been any cases of increased alcohol tolerance through raising metabolic rate?

    I don’t handle alcohol well at all, and I must say, I would love to be able to have a beer with my mates again some day..

    Anyone had any luck?


    Haha, I’m with you, I’m a cheap date! Was cheap before, still cheap! lol While my weight and temp have stabilized, I really haven’t seen much of a change in this. I did notice that a few glasses of wine turned my hands into lava though!


    Hahaa I used to be able to murder a million beers. That’s partly what got me here. I went from that to paleophilia so fair chance my liver had much work to do! If be happy to be a cheep date if only I could handle a drink. My guess I’d it’s partly all the fluid atm. Here’s to positivity and more ice cream

    Matt Stone

    There has been quite a bit written about Paleo and reduced alcohol tolerance.

    mighty m

    Not sure if this is the place to ask, but I was wondering if alcohol per se is anti-metabolic in small to moderate amounts, say 1-2 drinks? Personally, I would like it not to be, as drinking with friends seems to be great for mental health!


    I have a raised metabolism due to hyperthyroidism, something I noticed in the lead up to being diagnosed was a significant increase in alcohol tolerance

    T Will

    What do you mean you can’t handle alcohol very well? Do you mean you get drunk really easily now?

    One thing I noticed is alcohol seems to crash my blood sugar (like a lot of things, which I am finally starting to notice). So sometimes I feel drunk right away, but realize the blood sugar crash is mostly to blame. I’ve realized this because I can power through it and after about 5-6 more beers I finally start to get more drunk and it is a more normal, inebriated type of drunk.

    Also, I drink sugar with my drinks now. Like hard ciders or whiskey gingers or other mixed drinks. The sugar seems to help and I try and eat while I drink, which is something I usually want to do anyway. I’ve also been eating heavily for 7 months so that is probably helping me too.


    When I eat a high calorie diet, I crave alcohol less than usual and I can drink a lot more without getting drunk. Overall, I feel much more in control. When I eat fewer calories, and especially when I eat fewer carbohydrates, I tend to drink more alcohol and I get buzzed almost immediately. I also get worse hangover effects the next day.

    An exception to the above is that a high calorie fruit diet doesn’t seem to provide the same protective effect as a high calorie starch/protein diet.

    I think part of the reason it’s more difficult to control drinking on a low carb diet is that the body craves energy, and alcohol is an excellent source (7 calories per gram). It’s also likely that it is metabolized much more rapidly in this state, which is what leads to the quick, unstable buzz.


    Well I havent had a drink in a fair while because it made me feel really strange, but I will let you know how it goes when I do..

    My initial issues with alcohol began a few years ago coming off the back of a european tour with my band. Basically I was living on alcohol, gallons of water, the occasional pizza, next to zero sleep, surfing, running, doing push ups, and playing gigs for months. I had done this in previous years but I think my body decided it was enough…
    I began getting vertigo, neck pain, jaw pain, fatigue, and all round felt like I could die whenever I drank alcohol…

    The interesting thing I wonder now is how much my water intake was having an effect. I would literally wake up the next day after a massive night and drink 3-4 litres of water. Have some food around lunch, then hit the booze again. Thats a lot of fluids.

    Unfortunately once I returned home and decided to get my health back on track, I found paleo. I did notice some improvements initially, and I could certainly tolerate a lot of alcohol, but talking about it now made me realise how much water I was guzzling at the time.

    It will be interesting to see how my body handles alcohol once I get things on track and raise my metabolism. To be quite honest, I would love a beer!


    Yeah, beer is awesome. My favorite is a heavy doublebock, which I’ve read were so filling that monks relied on them during periods of fasting. Truly liquid bread.

    I’ve also experienced periods of heavy alcohol dependence. Based on this experience, I would guess your reliance on alcohol–rather than the water–was more at fault for your decline. When I was at my worst, I knew that alcohol was one of the only ways to take the pain away–for a while, until it came back even worse. These kind of alcoholic cycles are devastating.

    But drinking when you’re happy, well-nourished, and healthy is something else entirely. In honor of that, I’m going to go grab a beer!


    I drank some beer last night finally.
    I sware the universe was giving me signs its time to have a beer. Shows on television on beer production, micro breweries, tv adds. Street signs and everywhere I turn I saw beer…. So maybe it’s just advertising but I’ll run with it. And then I found out it was international beer day. That’s it.

    A friend of mine has been brewing some beers and as gratitude for me helping him fix some tmj issues (I’m a massage therapist) he bought me a couple of bottles of a honey macadamia beer he had brewed up.

    I was so nervous to crack the top and have a sip. I made up some salty fish and chips fried in coconut oil. Popped the top and took a massive skull of the macadamia honey infused liquid heaven. So many memories cane flooding into my brain. The fizzy malty goodness danced and partied in my mouth. I never wanted it to end..
    I felt pretty tipsy after one bottle, and then followed feeling like my heart was going to beat out of my chest (histamine?), and straight to the toilet for a nice clear pee.
    I layed on the couch and ate a bag of salty chips which helped calm my heart rate down. My temp stated around 37 which I was suprised.

    So do I think I’m a long way off drinking beers comfortably again, but my gosh dud I enjoy guzzling down that king brown of home brew.

    I slept through the night but feel like I haven’t slept. Ive got a bit of a headache and feel like there is less blood flow to my hands. My morning temp was 36.2 which is surprisingly good for me..

    Until the next beer guzzling adventure…


    This guy lived on nothing but beer for 46 days. His diet might even be cooler than the 180 Degree diet.

    Actually, I hit the beers kinda hard last night too, with the excuse that my wife was having a “slumber party” with her girlfriends. Life is just better with beer, although being at the girls’ slumber party probably would have been even more awesome.


    Yeah I know from a health perspective, drinking beer should be the last thing I’m worried about. I should probsbly be more concerened with being avle to drink water, before even wirrying about beer. But it’s just one of those things, I think I relate it to what I used to be able to do. I’d love nothing more than to be able to go out, enjoy good food, and have a few beers without thinking about ‘symptoms’ or worry about how it will effect me. Something i can work on. I’m new to ‘eay for heat’ so it’s only early days, and I have no doubt that things will only be on the rise from here on given what I have experienced already. I hope one day I’ll look back and laugh

    Yeah that slumber party don’t sound too bad..


    I understand completely. I have a strong desire to live a normal life and pretend that I don’t have any health problems. Back when I was younger, I had a ton of fun getting completely drunk with friends and chain smoking cigarettes, but I still felt relatively fine the next day. Can’t do that anymore–but now I feel like shit most mornings regardless of what I do the night before.

    For me, alcohol doesn’t seem to have much of an impact of my health, unless I drink to excess. Now I moderate myself (except for the rare get-together with old friends) and that works out pretty well. I wish you the best of luck with what you’re doing. If it’s any consolation, you’ll probably find that the occasional beer is no longer a problem once you can figure out what’s behind your poor health. Unfortunately, it can be really hard to identify some problems and figure out the right solution.

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