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    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone else had any liver issues as a result of switching to a high-sugar diet? I am now 33 and up until about a year and a half ago, I had never really consumed sugar. I decided that I would try Peat after reading one of the more prominent eBooks on the topic. I tried really hard to stick to strict Peat for several months and in that time, my weight went from approximately 170 lb. to 210 lb. This was over the course of three months. I gave up the strict Peat because I could not stand the limited and not very appetizing food choices and went to an Eat For Heat style “diet” but did not lose or increase weight. My blood tests and an ultrasound indicate non-alcoholic fatty liver. I never had this before starting the sugar and I had multiple CMPs in the year before. My temperature is usually about 99.3 and my pulse averages about 85-90. One thing that I notice is my tendency towards hypoglycemia when I do not eat for several hours. I actually have had hypoglycemia for about 5 years before starting sugar and I am not of the mindset that my condition proves that sugar causes fatty liver. I do believe that my liver is providing an environment for this to happen (most likely as a result of taking Accutane in my teens) and I would like to know if anyone else has had success fixing liver issues.


    I should also add that sugar has drastically improved stress resistance for me and that my type of weight gain is only on the face and the belly. I have gained no weight on the legs, arms, back or neck.

    My teeth feel terrible for the second time in my life. The first was during my early 20s when I tried veganism for 6 months and acquired my only cavity. I have even added small amounts if vitamin K2 with little success.

    I have tried taking small amounts of stabilized lipoic acid and methylselenocystine, which I believe caused me to lose about eight pounds. My first weight loss in a long time. I have been off of it for the last few days and I have gone up a few pounds. I think that these might be very important.

    I work with many people who are massive soda drinkers and they tend to fall into two categories. There is one group who are the best-aged people that I know, similar to Don Gorske who drinks over a gallon of Coke per day, and there are others who are completely on the other end of the scale. Overweight and do not look good in every respect. For whatever reason, I fall into the later category.


    Bit of a shame to see no replies to this.

    I have been eating for heat the past two weeks introducing gluten and all sorts of things I havent eaten for years. I spent about two years paleo low carb, and before that I was eating sporadically on the road touring as a musician, with most of my calories coming from alcohol. So Im tipping if I have liver issues its most likely due to alcohol abuse.

    So my temps have been coming up. 36.2 in the morning. up around 37 during the day. And around 36.6 after dinner.

    After dinner some nights I have been experiencing strange shivering and shaking, nauseated, and some discomfort in my right shoulder. My best guess is that its liver? My tempt was 36.6. I initially had some pain in right under rib cage which has gone away.

    I know Matt sais to gear up for some discomfort during eat for heat, but how far do I go?

    I had this shivering etc last night after dinner which was lamb chop, potatoes cooked in coconut oil. Im not sure if its a correlation to red meat or not. I wont push the calories so much today and see how I go.

    Has anyone else experienced any of these symptoms?
    Has anyone experienced improved liver function with Eat for heat?

    Matt Stone

    My original refeeding guidelines were really geared towards force-feeding, and I was concerned enough about fructose’s effect on the liver at the time to recommend doing it without much sugar at all. Over time I’ve seen sugar do amazing things, and also remove the need to purposefully overeat (which sucks).

    This is perhaps the 2nd case of someone having a liver problem, and the first NAFLD. Because of that I haven’t feared the prospects of developing it, and assumed that the strong favoritism of saturated fats over unsaturated fats was responsible for the absence of fatty liver reports.

    I will definitely note this. I suspect the liver will add some fat just as the rest of the body adds fat, and vice versa. I bet it disappears as you continue to maintain high temps and eat to appetite of a mixed diet, which for you sounds like it might not include much sugar. If you do consume sweet things, probably safer now to eat sugar rather than drink it.


    Really appreciate the reply Matt.
    I did pound the calories yesterday which I am sure has a lot to do with it. I’m probably one of the guys you wrote about in the book who won’t be happy till I’ve got this completely dialed in. Moving too fast I think. I’ve given my body a lot to do. I’ll back off, listen to my appetite, and hopefully organize a consult with you at some stage.

    Oh and I did take accutane for about a year in my teens too. Interesting connection. Yhankd for bringing it up christs4sale.



    I would get tests to see if it is definitely the liver. I also experienced liver pain and long before I ever touched sugar. I actually ate similar to what you describe for dinner without any sugar for many years and did not gain a pound. I saw photos of myself from five years ago recently and I could not believe how underweight I was. Once I began the sugar, my liver just blew up. I think that there might be a small minority of people who have been through a significant degree of liver trauma (maybe from a pharmaceutical drug) that react this way. I should also say that I rarely have ever drunk alcohol in any period of my life so I do not think that my situation is due to that. In regards to temperature, mine has always been very high (about 99.3/37.39 tends to be my average) even though my face looks like the before picture of one of those thyroid patients from the Hertoghe studies shown in Dr. Mark Starr’s book.

    Matt, you might be right about the fat being the body healing itself. The only issue is that I have been like this for a year and a quarter now and it is difficult to convince those around me who see the very visible change that I am healing myself.



    Thanks @christs4sale

    I think going to ride it out and see what happens. Already a couple of days later, my temps are coming up, the aching has dulled down, I haven’t had the shivering or shaking post meal time… So I think perhaps I was jumping to conclusions. Better to be in the safe side though.
    I’ll give it a coupla weeks/months of rest and refeed and see how I feel. I have to remember how long it took me to get my body to this shitty place :)


    Feeling very liverish myself, especially after trying to up carbs further, then I read a choline article link from a blogpost comment recently, not sure from who, but he/she did me a favour because I remembered eggs, added them back in, and felt a lot better tho not entirely. also shoulder pain – gall bladder symptom if I recall?


    Sue – shoulder pain can be a gall bladder symptom, yes. It can also be other things too, though.


    You might consider adding dandelion leaf or root (or both) to your diet. Dandelion root is specifically a liver tonic, and a fairly gentle one. It’s quite bitter, so using it as a tincture is usually preferred. You can purchase one or make your own. The dandelion could help protect your liver from further damage and possibly help treat the existing situation while you continue working on metabolism.


    The thing that seems to be helping me is Lipoic Acid. I take the stabilized form of R-Lipoic Acid. About 400 mg per day. It has lowered my liver enzymes and my blood sugar is completely normal now. The only issue at this point are high-cortisol-like symptoms and low testosterone. For the low-T, I am trying painting iodine on the scrotum. It does seem to make a difference. Certainly a difference above oral iodine. I need to try a few forms of it and see what happens. For the hump, the fat face and the hard gut, I was thinking serine phosphate or Seriphos.

    Matt, if you are reading this, I remember that you said that you went through a short period of having a buffalo hump and then it went away. Any insights?


    chriss4sale: I wanted to ask you if your situation had eventually resolved overtime. My wife developed cushinoid symptoms after beginning eating disorder recovery and has elevated liver enzymes, high triglycerides, and glucose control issues. Did your situation just resolve with time? Do you think the lipoic acid was necessary? Where you ever prescribed metformin?


    Hey, does anyone have any updates for this problem? I began re-feeding last month and caught first elevated liver enzymes in a blood test, and followed up with an ultrasound with shows liver enlargement. I’m waiting on blood results to rule out any other causes besides fatty liver. I’ve had abdominal weight gain, frequent urination and thirst which all seem like symptoms of diabetes. I don’t doubt that it’s from low metabolism as my temps are still low, I’m just wondering if it will improve as I keep at it, or should I adjust something before things get worse.
    My morning temps are low 97s, but climb to low 98s inn the afternoon, before dropping again at night.
    Any advice/ experience is appreciated!

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