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ALS/Neurological Diseases.. Too Late?

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    While there is no sure-fire cause of ALS to be reported, I can’t help but make a correlation..

    My dad has been battling a neurological disease for over a year now. It began with weakness in his left arm, and has slowly progressed to weakness in both arms. He has been diagnosed with lower motor neuron disease, but the doctor believes that it can become ALS.

    I can’t help but draw some correlation to his lifestyle and this disease after reading 180 Degree Health and YE’s reports on underfeeding and de-myleination of nerves, and I was wondering if Matt or who ever else could pull some insight.

    My dad is the exact person that 180 Degree Health would’ve targeted! All of his life, he has been hyper-conscious of his weight and appearance, but has always been somewhat “overweight”. Living with him all of my life, I can honestly say I don’t recall a time when he ate normally. He would often times skip breakfast and lunch, he MIGHT have eaten spoonfulls of peanut butter as a snack or ‘mini binge’, and would usually eat dinner and binge on snacks late at night when no one was looking. All with self-loathing, and self-hatred. Yet, he maintained that he needed to ride the exercise bike and lift every day.

    He has pretty severe anxiety, ocd, and irritability, and always had.

    But apart from the psychological, he has physiological associations with underfeeding. When he began experiencing arm weakness, we took him to the doctor. The doctor hooked him up to an electrode test, where they shoot electric pulses into the neurons. To do this, your hands and feet had to get up to a regular temperature..
    Apparently, my father’s hands and feet were so freaking cold, that the doctor/nurses were shocked, and it took them an hour to get them up to a normal temperature via hot water.

    Most recently, he has broken his arm. When the doctor brought his bone scans up on the screen.. He, again, was shocked. He said that his bones looked ‘moth eaten’, eaten away, and that he’d never seen bones that looked this badly.

    I’m wondering.. Is there any help for him now? He can barely lift his arms.. But he is not yet diagnosed officially as having ALS. Could underfeeding/low metabolism be a potential cause for neurological disorders?


    It could at least exacerbate things. Regardless of how directly related it is to this condition, thyroid plays a roll in just about everything. A healthier metabolism can only benefit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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