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    I spent the last month in Germany where I was introduced and got addicted to cheap muesli with yogurt. For me, the muesli was rolled oats mixed with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. I mixed it with yogurt and ate it by the kilos. Now that I’m back home, I’m been eating rolled oats with raisins and yogurt daily because it’s so good but I have been experiencing bloating again.

    Is there a better alternative for my digestive tract than rolled oats? I suspect the mass intake of these are what’s causing my problem.

    I’ve had digestive problems for the past year and I have not been able to maintain a track of “good digestion.” For the record, I am a recovering orthorexic who has been Eating and gaining for the past 8 months. My weight finally plateaued before this and it wasn’t until this that I noticed my jeans getting bigger and me gaining weight again. Is it really the oatmeal?


    Were you experiencing bloating also in Germany?bc if not,it migth be due to the oats or the yoghurt you have at home.

    As for a substitute i cant really help you there. I suppose if you want a grainy breakfast maybe try cornflakes or maybe make rice porridge?(though it isnt with yoghurt but with milk)
    Or if you want to eat yoghurt,eat it with the raisins or some cut up banana with some shredded coconut?or add some maple syrup or maybe with some walnuts&honey if you eat greek yoghurt?


    The bloating really started while I was in Germany. I was low on funds, so some nights, I would just eat enough muesli to cover a dinner.


    More highly processed foods are easier to digest, so you might see if switching to instant oatmeal helps you feel better. I used to eat oatmeal every day, but now I have eggs with toast and friut. I have GERD.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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