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Anabolic Resistance Article

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    I know Matt proposes slight overeating to lower stress hormones, but i found this article, which is somewhat contrary, interesting. I think we all agree that prolonged calorie depravation is hamrful, but i sometimes question the idea that we should overeat until we stop gaining weight. While this may be necessary some people, especially those who have been restricting calories for a long period of time, I think it may be harmful to others who seem to just keep gaining weight. At this point, i think a diet that alternates periods of over-feeding and under-feeding may be the best of both worlds. Its the chronic condition (both catabolism and anabolism) that seems to be the problem. Would love to hear other’s thoughts.



    Have you experimented with the alternations between over-feeding and under-feeding? That’s seems to be pretty common for bodybuilders who go through bulking and cutting cycles, but I have no experience with it.

    By the way, your link appears to be broken.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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