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Anyone have good evidence that high sugar&high sat.fat don't lead to fatgain?

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    I know within Peat circles there’s a lot of debate about sugar vs. starch and fatgain.
    I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact in general that highcarb and fat don’t lead to fatgain as this is always propaganded.
    Now,there are some Peatarians who claim that eating high sugar&(high) sat.fats doesn’t lead to fatgain,but starch does. (I dont seem to do so well with most starch,especially all grains…not sure yet about potato&plantain)

    Are there people who can show evidence/researches that high fat&high sat.fat(or at least somewhat highish) don’t lead to fatgain?
    (I ask here,bc lots of Peatarians are a bit too dogmatic imho which makes it hard to believe for me whenever they claim something.)


    Dutchie – I totally agree that a lot of Peatarians are dogmatic. It’s so un-Peat! to be like that.

    Anyhoo…I’ve been eating high sugar/high saturated fat recently and am losing weight. But, in saying that, when I track my calories (not every day), I am eating less calories than I need each day, thus the weight loss.

    I don’t believe starches are inherently fattening but for me they are the things I tend to overeat because they are fucking delicious e.g. bread, pasta, rice etc.

    I eat potatoes daily, but just oven baked with a bit of butter and I find them filling and satisfying without triggering a food craving-I can’t stop-give me more episode.

    If you overeat anything, you will gain weight (generally – see Billy Craig to prove that theory wrong).

    I’m eating quite plain food at the moment which I think is helping to settle my appetite down.


    @ttramone Yes,it’s sometimes ridiculous how some Peatarians see apples and banana as a deadly poison,yet refuse to believe that the white sugar&coke they’re pouring down is causing them the problems they experience.
    A lot of them are also so sensitive when it comes to questioning/critiquing some of Peat’s theories.

    Yes,I’ve spoken&consulted Billy at the beginning of this year,but it didn’t work out although I still think he’s a very knowledgeable man. We just weren’t on the same page more or less.

    The starches you mention are all grains….I’m thinking they cause blood sugar imbalances,at least it somewhat seems to be the case for me even though I really experience it immediately. I’m thinking potato migth be different,because it has nutrients to it and still a little bit of sugar when cooked….sweet potatos even some more.
    During my pizza fuck-ups I experienced negative effects during the day,though they were quite normal to me for a lot of years and it seemed the starch with the sugar and the cheese was causing fatty liver very fast. I basically love the pizza as vehicle for the toppings&sauces&melted cheese,even though I seemed to get problems from the cheese/fats. I first figured it was also because it was cow’s cheese and cowdairy consists more of LCFA whereas goat&sheep dairy are a bit higher in SCFA and I’ve read that LCFA are quicker stored as fat than SCFA and MCT.
    So,yesterday I was really craving cheese(I only crave it melted/warm) and decided to put my ‘vehicle-theory’ to the test….I didnt order pizza but made stuffed eggplant with the topings&sauces I eat with the pizza and put some goatcheese slices on top……and my theory proved to be true because I didnt miss the wheat at all. So now on sugars I find myself thinking about sugar&fattier combinations like melted cheese,even cow’s cheese and I have a hard time trusting it to be o.k.

    Your story about the bread,pasta,rice etc. also sounds like it causes you blood sugar imbalances,which seems to cause the i-cant-stop/addiction circle for me….and the plain food eating sounds like the Masterjohn’s food palatabillity theory. I actually think any food,even bread&pasta,eaten plain by itself is boring so unrewarding in our minds.


    I’m not sure if the starches cause blood sugar imbalances. I think for me it’s the amount of food I eat at one sitting, and usually those starches are accompanied by meat, or cheese, or some other protein and plenty of fat and salt that cause me problems. Which is part of the problem if you follow the food palatability theory, which I think is very probable. I think it’s Guyenet who talks about that a lot, not Masterjohn, although he may.

    Also, it’s very individual as well Dutchie. Are you saying melted cheese is a sugar/fat combination? To me, that’s just mostly fat and protein. When I think sugar, I think of the OJ and milk that I drink (about 1L per day of each). I’m on over 300gms of carbs per day (I’m female) and sometimes close to 1kg of potatoes and I’m losing weight. I generally eat less than 2 grams of PUFA daily and the rest of sat/mono fat. So for me personally, I don’t feel like sugar is fattening.

    I agree that if you ate plain bread of pasta, it would be incredibly unrewarding and would probably help you lose weight effortlessly.


    @ttramone No I meant the melted cheese with the sugary sauces I like it with.:)


    Right! gotcha.

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