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appetite gone but temps still low- any advice?

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    Hi everyone.

    my temps are around 36.3 in the morning, which is a great improvement. I really want to get them up, though and have been working at various things. At first, refeeding did wonders, but I haven’t got my temperature up since the initial bump. Right now my appetite isn’t for rich food, and my veg garden is paying out at the moment too but I still follow 4S, should I eat beyond appetite? I would if my temp was way down but it seems an odd thing to do.

    I’ve been watching my fluid intake, and even tried salting some drinks but it seems as if my temps shot down after that.

    I don’t really believe in potions remedies or supplements so really have no clue even though I’ve read about people throwing sugar into gelatine and drinking it! What’s that about?

    My sleep is pretty disrupted as my 9 month old doesn’t sleep all the way through yet- could this be the missing link?

    After getting a huge energy boost from refeeding I really wanted to exercise because I’m at my desk for long periods and can’t get out and about half as much as I used to even up til recently. I have been doing a bit of weights at home and don’t want to give that up if possible, but could this be the culprit?

    Thanks guys , love crinkly


    I guess you could experiment and let your body come up with the answering?

    If you don’t feel like rich foods perhaps go with what you feel like.. How do you feel after those foods? What does your temp do?

    Maybe you could try a little break from weights and see what your temps do?

    When I have poor sleep my temp/mood/energy are all effected negatively, but I definitely managing better than I would before I began refeed. I guess there is no substitute for sleep aside from trying to offset the negative with nutrition, relaxation techniques.
    You just reminded me of yoga nidra. You could look it up on YouTube there are some great guided yoga nidra videos that take anywhere from 10-30mins and feel very restful.
    Best wishes ! Peace


    Thanks Old Mate, I forgot just how great Yoga makes you feel!

    Since I wrote this post I had a very bad night’s sleep and my temps were shocking the next day! I’m going to incorporate some yoga nidra into my day and hopefully that will compensate for my interrupted sleep.

    I have also finally made a cheesecake, (much to the joy of my family) after promising one but not having the appetite for all that cream and cheese :)

    I’m also writing 2 you on the soft drink thread

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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