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    when i begin to slip into an inhibited metabolic state, i always remind myself of this right here…

    Matt writes, ?When you are cold, especially in the hands and feet, your urine is clear, the urge to urinate is strong, or you are peeing frequently? YOU NEED TO EAT MORE AND DRINK LESS. When you are hot, especially in the hands and feet, your urine is dark or you haven’t peed in a really long time? YOU NEED TO EAT LESS AND DRINK MORE.

    amazing how there is so much noise out there and people are suffering, and this concept can’t get you back on track pretty quickly.


    It might not be as simple as that. Some of us keep eating and remain cold while turning lethargic, constipated and overweight. it’s no fun to keep stuffing one’s face while the stomach is overloaded and the body is breaking out in hives/inflammation from the inability to handle the food. And we still need to be fit to live our lives. Not everyone can take time off to do this. I had to moderate my eating in order to stay within the upper normal weight range and keep my energy up to get the things done, I need to do. But I am breaking out in hives from having introduced so much sugar, dairy etc. and it’s not fun. Eat more isn’t the answer I can apply, sadly.


    My hands seem to stay cold no matter what I eat or how much. My pee is fine but my temp stays on the low side and still have cold hands & feet. Can’t figure it out.


    @ Christinam
    You may find the Food List at the bottom of this web page helpful:


    @Christinam I agree that raising metabolism is very complicated and not just about eat more or eat ‘x’food.
    When I ‘losened up’ on food and amongst some others started to eat wheat again,I couldn’t get enough of it and I thougth it was actually doing me good because I got warm Hands&feet from it,but I also kept/keep experiencing certain symptoms.

    Sadly I now have concluded that the heat/warmth I felt,was actually warmed caused by inflammation from the wheat.Apparently,the wheat keeps damaging my gut and causing mineral deficiencies. So,even those ‘metabolic markers’ don’t always have to be trustworthy. Just like the pee-color thing,I find that sometimes when my pee is very clear I can feel nicely warm,energetic&positive.

    Also the ‘can’t get enough attitude’ of the wheat(&certain other things) I experience,are explained in this article which really rings true to me.
    And that’s probably also a reason why some people are obese and can’t loose the weigth.


    I had a lot of trial and error after reading Diet Recovery 2. A few of the suggestions didn’t work, a few worked great.

    For me, the less fluid in my diet, the better. I am instantly cold when I have a lot of fluid, especially fluid with potassium in it. I have classic salt deficiency symptoms from drinking gallons of water per day for 15 years.

    I also noticed, I do very poorly with sugar. I do way better with starches than sugars. Mexican cokes, Gatorade, Sierra Mist, all of the fluids he recommends aggravate my condition and make me ice cold. Even syrup on pancakes. Not good. I get cold instantly.

    I eat pancakes just slathered with grass fed butter and with blueberries mixed into the batter. No syrup. I eat a lot of grains (which I soak prior to eating), I eat A LOT of pizza. Pizza is probably the most balancing food that I eat. It’s delicious, warming, nourishing, and I feel grounded after I eat it.

    I stick to the S’s that Matt talks about, but sugars make me cold. I stick to starches, saturated fats, and salt, VERY seldomly eating sugar. A little bit here and there is ok, but when I make it a regular thing, wham, my body temperature drops half to a full degree. I can be rocking 98.4, then drop to 97.4 with 3 sips of Mexican Coke. It’s really quite incredible.

    So that was my trial and error. I am happy to say that I have been in the 98’s for a good 3 months steady eating this way. I experimented for 3 months with different amounts of sugar but finally found my sweet spot. So 6 months total, I know what works for my body and what doesn’t.

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