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Article: Rutgers' oldest alumnus Walter Seward dies at 111

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    I noticed this in an article about the death of the oldest man in New Jersey:

    Jonathan Seward said his father enjoyed his long life but didn’t often offer prescriptions for living. They suspect his age is mostly a matter of genes. One of Seward’s sisters lived to 93. Another lived to 89 or 90, Jonathan Seward said.

    Walter Seward neither drank nor smoked, and he performed calisthenics each morning, but his diet wasn’t especially healthful by modern standards, his son said.

    “He absolutely doted on strawberry ice cream and would eat bowls of it from my earliest memory on,” Jonathan Seward said. “His diet was largely a matter of fat, salt, sugar, chocolate, ice cream and vegetables and carbohydrates cooked until they lost all resistance.”

    Ironically, the two centenarians in my family used to eat similar to this as well.

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