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is "baby weight" different?

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    I have been wondering about the idea that it is hard to maintain weight loss resulting from restrictive dieting, and whether this actually applies to weight gained during pregnancy?

    For example in my case, weight gained during pregnancy did not magically fall off while breastfeeding and now about three months after weaning nothing significant is budging as I just eat to appetite. I started following an EFH approach to (successfully) raise my basal body temp and got loads of good side effects but this included three stone of a weight gain. About January I lost about a stone quite quickly but this new set point is a lot more than I am used to carting around.

    Everyone seems to react differently to this process, some lose weight while breastfeeding, some after. Of those who lose after I know a few women who have dieted and exercised a bit more after breastfeeding for a short time to lose “baby weight” and who do seem to keep this weight off permanently.

    Although anathema to the principles of 180, is there a case to be made for dieting and exercising specifically to lose pregnancy weight gain?


    I meant to add that I have read that weight gain in 3rd trimester is the only time outside of adolescence when a woman lays down more fat cells, not just shrinking/ swelling the ones she already has. therefore there already does seem to be something different about pregnancy weight gain/ loss.

    cheers, crinkly


    I wonder about this too. I’ve had five children, and while I don’t get bigger with each one, I’ve never lost all the pregnancy weight either, not even with the magic of breast feeding, har, har. I typically lose a little at first, then nothing budges till I wean, when I lose a little more. Also, I really packed on the pounds eating for heat. I don’t know what a stone is equivalent to in pounds, but I gained 25 pounds in four months. I’m a little shocked. I’m reconciled to not having a slim teenage body, but this weight is uncomfortable and I want some of it off.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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