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Really bad symptoms from drinking

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    Some of the things I experience when I drink too much (a litre is an absolute max, some days even half of it feels like too much) are really so awful that I feel like dying. These include

    -sharp chest pain
    -bad muscle spasms and weakness
    -swelling of feet and hands
    -sweat smells like ammonia (I had this a lot when I was anorexic but now I get it even when I’ve eaten enough if I’ve drunk too much. Sometimes I smell like pee, it’s really disgusting)
    -unexplained anxiety
    -pain on my spine

    There’s more but those are the worst ones. Right now I’m at a psychiatric ward because of “exhaustion” which I think is caused by undereating (I can’t walk a lot) I’ve struggled with low appetite for a month now. I should probably mention that I’ve been in recovery from an eating disorder for a year now and I’ve more than doubled my weight, I’m “obese” but I’ve struggled to keep my calories up at 3000 which seems to be very important for my body, I get similar symptoms from restricting my food intake that I get from overhydrating. Also I’ve probably been tested for every possible disease there is and everything is supposed to be normal in my body.

    Has anyone had these or some other really bad symptoms, not just cold hands and feet? And if you have, how long did it take for you to feel better and what did you do? I would appreciate any help :)

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