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    Aphrodite Rose

    Okay, so basically this is the thing: I can eat 5000 calories of pretty voluminous foods (oatmeal, cereal & milk, crisps, French fries, doughnuts, ice cream, biscuits, cake, toast, veggie burgers, blah blah blah a mix of junky food perfection like that) in a 2 hour period of leisurely eating & my tummy I swear to Jesus doesn’t bloat at all! I am so freaked out. It stays flat as hell. It’s always the case I swear it. & just for reference I am currently 19 years old, a girl, 5 foot 11, 133 pounds & have a waist measurement of 24 inches. I literally last night measured myself before & after eating & I was the same 24 inch waist size. Like, & as time passes or in the night etc I don’t get bloated then either. & here’s the weird part: it’s only when I don’t eat or eat only fruit that I will get bloated! Ha! Best excuse in the world right now to keep eating the way I am :) ehehe. So does anyone have any idea why my body can do this amazing feat? I don’t get tired or groggy from the “calorie overdose” either & the more I eat the more refreshed & glowing my face looks the next morning?! I am in gracious awe of my body whatever it’s doing maybe it’s just my body sucking all the calorie nutrient goodness out of all the food I don’t know but I just wanted to share this weird thing that seemingly none of my friends have the luck of sharing mwahaha but maybe some of you guys have had this be the case for you? Literally couldn’t be happier with it I spent so many years having to battle with bloating eating such a restricted “rabbit food” diet but now I’m eating all kinds of “crap” that is having the most positive effect on me woo omg :D


    That’s awesome that you’re having such a positive effect from eating a lot of calories. It says a lot of positive things about your thyroid, metabolism, and youthful energy production. You’re body seems to be functioning well and utilizing the calories in a very positive and effective way Keep listening to your body, but I’m very happy for you :)

    Human Torch

    Some of this sounds familiar. I’m eating 4,000+ calories a day. Not only does eating not bloat me, but eating actually reduces the bloating and size of my waist by the time I’m done with a meal. Between meals is when I start to get bloated again. I’ve consulted with Matt on the phone and we think the bloating is gastroparesis brought on by 5 years of low carbing, low calories, intermittent fasting, paleo diets. I’m 10 weeks into RRARF and at this point the “between meal bloating” has reduced by about half and gets slightly better each week. The more I eat, the less I bloat and the faster the previous meal gets pushed down the digestive tract so it can stop fermenting in the gut. At least that’s what seems to be happening based on observation.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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