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My balls are tingling…

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    Not trying to be silly.. But I experience a tingling in my gonads. I experienced it a bit starting a peat inspired diet, it seems to have increased with an eat for heat approach. I also experience a tingling in my muscles all over my body..

    Anyone experience tingling genitalia? Know anything about it?


    o0o0o0o0o tingly!


    Not me, but my husband did a few years ago. He had several other symptoms of low metabolism at the time though, so we eventually figured it out. This was before we knew about this site, so he just used some seaweed supplements and he got better shortly after.

    I think what he was doing wrong is the opposite of eating for heat, though, so not sure what it is you’re having.


    I’ll try pay Better attention as to whether or not the symptoms are the when my temps are up. Hasn’t been a ‘warm’ day for me today so perhaps that’s why I’m noticing it..

    Hhahaha caz

    Matt Stone

    How long has that been going on? My first guess would be a little bit of a yeast bloom, which can cause a itchy-burning like tingling sensation (but usually goes away). But you say you feel it all over in your muscles so I would assume something very different. Hopefully you don’t gotz the MS.


    One time my man got a bit friendly after having applied some Deep Heat cream to his strained hamstring – that sure as hell tingled, but I don’t think that’s what you mean.
    Also, I don’t have balls.


    I think I remember the tingling beginning when I started introducing carbs again about a year ago. I was working with another practitioner following a peat approach but my temps only got to a point. When i started that i had the sane tingly reaction for a while but it went away. Ive started notice the tingling again since I introduced the eat for heat approach, as well as I’ve been introducing gluten back into my diet the past two weeks. Hoping its another adaptation period. I notice the tingling in my muscles mostly during stretching. The tingling down stairs isn’t itchy or burning..

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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