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Bedtime questions- too hot, insomnia

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    Thought I was EFH, but started tracking my calories and realized I seriously needed to up things. So I’ve increased calories, carbs/sugar in particular. I’m also on a thyroid supp.

    Day 2 of this- Was sleepy-ish some of the day and although I was warm, wasn’t uncomfortable. As soon as I got into bed, I was a million degrees and couldn’t sleep for several hours.

    Day 3: essentially same, but I cut back on my thyroid meds and calories a bit. At bedtime, ridiculously warm and couldn’t fall asleep for several hours.

    So a couple questions:
    1) Why does getting into bed (or maybe just the 10pm hour) make me ridiculously hot when I was only warm-ish all day (and even had chilly nose & feet at times). And no, I didn’t eat 20-30 mins before bed.

    2) Any advice on how to gauge cutting down on thyroid supp? My doctor won’t understand why manipulating my food intake will make a difference with dosage.


    1. If the ambient temperature is cold, and cold enough to stress your body, that could be enough to put your body under stress and make your nose and feet icey. Then when you hop into bed, you finally relax and start generating a lot of heat. Or it could be that you’re concentrating your fluids too much toward that part of the day. You could try eating less and drinking more around this time and see what happens.

    2. No clue.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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