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    I’m exeriencing something very annyoying. Since I’ve been eating around 2500 calories minimum, I haven’t been able to stop and obsess about eating. I just can’t stop eating and think about eating anymore. I keep bingeing and I feel so disgusted by myself afterwards. I keep reminding myself I need to gain weight, but I’m afraid this isn’t the healthy way. I’m also scared of making my leaky gut worse. I’ve been eating strictly Paleo for about 7-9 months, but I got so fed up with restricting…. so now I re-introduced some gluten and occasional sugar and ohmygawd they’re addicting! It feels like I’ve entered a new world. Bread, pasta, ice cream, cheese, you name it. I’ve dreamed about those foods for a long time and now I’m overindulging in them big way.
    I’m hoping my muscle pains (see my other topic about myofascial pain) will diminish once I start gaining, so I try my hardest to envision a pain-free life after gaining a couple of pounds. Maybe not realistic, but I won’t stop believing!
    Has anyone experienced the same thing with bingeing on foods you’ve denied yourself in the past?


    Dvknutri, I think what your experiencing is totally normal. I thought about food a lot in the beginning but now I don’t think about it that much at all. I think about what I’ll eat for breakfast right before breakfast and then just not really think about it until I’m hungry next. That is very rare for me.
    I wouldn’t even think of your eating as a binge. You’re just eating food that you denied yourself for so long and your body wants the calories to heal itself. Don’t feel guilty about it at all and make sure you stock your house with all those foods. Once you have them in abundance and know that you can have them anytime and as much as you want then the craving usually dies down. I bought all this candy that I had been thinking about and only ended up having a few pieces. On the other hand I also bought a bunch of cookies and ate those in a few days… Eating 2500 is healthy and I wouldn’t worry about if you’re gaining in a “healthy” way. For years I tried to fix my amenohrrea (absent period) by eating paleo and eating liver and ghee and raw milk and nada. Once I started eating bread and sugar and even a milkshake from McDonalds my period came back. I know it’s easier said than done by try not to stress about the food your eating. It’s all good and it’s all healing. It’s awesome that you’re picturing yourself pain free!! Hope you’ll be there soon.


    dvknutri, yes it is 100% completely normal. For me it was terrifying to constantly think about food all day long and to binge eat. This is a normal part of recovery from an eating disorder. Yes, those foods that I could never let myself have were always part of the binge episodes. Mostly because they were high fat, high calorie foods that my body desperately needed. See the link below for more info!


    You made your pendulum swing too far in one direction; it’s just returning with the same force ? it will settle back in the middle with time and patience. You’re best leaving it alone or the entire motion will repeat.

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