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    I’m sorry to say that I haven’t read any of matts books yet (going to asap). I was reffered to this site by a friend. I’m wondering which book would be best to read based on my problems and maybe a helpful suggestion in the meantime, as i’m looking for a different perspective.

    Most recenly I went low-carb fallowing primal guidlines for several months. Did good at first then started to suffer with low energy and constipation. over the last month I started to intruduce carbs more gradually (mostly simple sugars, with 1/2 cup of white rice a day). My energy levels have returned and i’m not constipated anymore (since removing all soluble fibers), eating a carrot a day keeps me regular. Though, i’m ALWAYS bloated. more often it feels like exess gass/air, sometimes exess water. I cant get rid of the pressure and I don’t know if I can go through with any more elimination diets. just started enjoying complete meals with all macros again…

    My question is, is this normal from going low-carb with lots of roughage(veggies)?
    do I just need more time carb feeding to get better?
    or, is it more likely I have built an intolerance?(such as my gut bacterial is all out of whach from restricing carbs for a while?)

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

    Matt Stone

    Diet Recovery 2 is probably the best read overall. Definitely the most current.

    Yes, this is totally normal – probably some degree of delayed stomach emptying (gastroparesis) lingering from low-carb.


    Kakti, Diet Recovery 2 is a great book and I read it in one day (I had the day off from work:) It was also helpful for me to read 12 Paleo Myths as I really believed Paleo/Primal was the way to go.

    When I started eating more food and eating grains I was bloated and thought that I was intolerant to gluten. I was gentle with myself and would sometimes take a few days off of eating gluten but now I’m not bloated at all. Before taking the plunge into eating the food, I ate veggies at every meal. Huge amounts of kale and greens at breakfast, huge ass salad for lunch, snacks of raw veggies and sliced turkey, and another huge amount of veggies or salad at dinner. I transitioned slowly and still eat salads every once in a while but now I’m really focused on getting warm and I notice that I do best with just a little veggies and fruit with other warming things such as cheese, starch and salt or sweets.


    Thank you so much for your reply. I’m actually glad that it is normal. I was aftaid I might have developed a fructose intolerance or something ( I love my cherry juice and honey!).

    Can’t wait to read the book. Have spent the last couple of hours reading the archives. So greatful for these different outlooks. Thanks Matt!

    I have last question if you don’t mind…

    Do you think eating starch as apposed to simple sugars will help my recovery faster? because of the greater insulin spike, due to more glucose?

    also eating meals more frequently be better then a 16 hour fast with 3 larger meals cramed together? (habit)

    It has been over 2 years since I have taken a single bite of wheat. I think for tomarrows breakfeast i’m going to make some Pancakes and go heavy with the maple syrup. Cant wait! best of all, not feel shameful for doing such. hell I might even be able to consider it medicine :)


    Kakti, I don’t know about eating starch as opposed to simple sugars in terms of recovery so I can’t help you there but I know Matt does write about that in his books. For me, I think eating fruit makes me too cool so I’m sticking with starch and just small amounts of fruit. I pretty much avoided wheat for 3 years and am now eating it happily. I honestly look at chocolate chip pancakes as medicine (very tasty medicine) because they make me so warm. I do not feel guilty for eating them or anything else at all! Eating the food has transformed my health for the better and I hope it does the same for you:) As far as eating frequent meals, I think it will come down to your biofeedback (although others probably know way more than me). Are you able to maintain high temperatures even those you aren’t eating frequently? Are you hands and feet warm? Good energy, etc? Maybe try bringing some salty starchy sweet snacks with you that you can eat if you feel like you’re getting cold or low energy. I also remember Matt writing about the importance of having consistent meal times so you might want to try that.

    Hope you had a lovely breakfast!


    My digestion got fucked up years ago when I had a very stressful time in my life, as well as starting a Paleo diet. I literally never had any digestive problems until the age of 23. It’s never been the same since. I think the chronic lack of sleep never really allows my hormones to function at peak so I’m always acutely aware of what’s going on with the digestion. Perhaps give your digestive tract some assistance until perhaps you can get back on track. You know herbs, and whatnot.


    Hi Kakti,
    I had exactly similar problems after being on paleo. What helped me with bloating etc. was elimination of ALL fiber-rich vegetables, even cooked ones, and most fruits. I now eat quite a few carbs, but only those mostly free of fiber: white rice and products made from it, tapioca, well-cooked potatoes, some taro, ripe bananas, fresh orange juice, honey – and have virtually no gas, bloating or constipation. If I weren’t a diagnosed celiac, I would also be enjoying all those yummy things made with white wheat flour.
    My favourite tummy-friendly foods are: white rice & tapioca toasts with whatever I want on top; potatoes (or combination of potatoes with yams or taro) mashed with lots of cream and egg yolks; white rice noodles with butter, parmesan and soy sauce; and Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese dishes galore – minus veggies.
    I don’t restrict good fats or meats, and this does not seem to affect my digestion.
    Hopefully, you will find my experience helpful. Good luck with your journey!

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