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    Mali Korsten

    I’ve always been prone to low blood pressure (at one point it was as low as 90/49!). Since RARRFING, my blood pressure has been much higher (last had it checked about a year ago, and the bottom number was 80) and I felt much better for it.

    That said, it’s still very sensitive. For example, if I go a day or two without eating as much as usual, I start getting the dizziness/blackouts upon standing. I suspect that it dropped as soon as I stopped RRARFING, so now even the slightest lack of calories causes it to plummet.

    I eat lots of salt and only drink when thirsty, which is not very often.

    Would be interested to know if anyone else has had this problem, and how they overcame it! Thanks!


    Yeah I have low blood pressure. It’s kind of a catch 22. If I don’t eat a lot of refined carbs I have a hard time retaining my minerals, but all the refined carbs just make me want to eat more, like an addict. I believe it’s due to shitty adrenals. Had a stressful life? Who hasn’t, but for a lot of us it seems to really affect our adrenal function. You can try and take supps to help with adrenal function, and mineral retention. Licorice Root is very helpful in that department.

    Mali Korsten

    Yeah, stressful life for sure! I did think it was due to adrenals (temperature used to fluctuate a lot and was anxious all the time), but these days I sleep like, 10 hours a night and have stable temps so I figured my adrenals are probably okay now? But perhaps there’s still work to be done.

    How do you gauge whether or not you’re retaining minerals?


    I’ve had that happen from time to time as well, lightheadedness upon standing and general hypotension.

    My solution is the same as yours it sounds like: eat enough, and don’t drink too much. Making sure I have easily available, tasty food near by, and ensuring that I get enough calories, especially solid food calories, helps me feel awesome. I think over time you become more resilient and flexible, even though in the beginning you may need to be more vigilant.


    I’ve really trained myself over a number of years as to indicators of weather I’m retaining minerals.

    1. Dry lips, if you’re eating probably and still dehydrated.
    2. Frequent urination
    3. Muscle cramping in my calves from imbalanced minerals
    4. Cravings for specific mineral rich foods like, ice cream(calcium/potassium), pizza(sodium,potassium), chocolate(magnesium),etc.


    Look into Orthostatic Intolerance. Many say that drinking a lot of fluids can help by increasing blood volume. But I’m thinking increasing salt AND fluids (a balanced, home-made electrolyte mixture) might help. Especially in these summer months, we do often need more fluids and salt. If you don’t have any other major symptoms and if the “postural hypotention” doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle, then the electrolytes and making sure you’re eating enough and not going too long between “feedings” might be all you need.

    There can be several causes for OI. Might be worth looking into. I have had the symptoms you describe for 16 years now. My dad had it too and so I always thought it was normal. Now, I’m learning it might not be and it may not be isolated, but part of another issue if you have lots of other symptoms along with it (I do). I’m trying to sort it all out currently.

    Mali Korsten

    @SarahD – Very interesting! Combining fluids and salt makes sense, although I struggle to consume enough salt to counter the “washing out” effects of the fluids. But in the past I have taken salt tablets, so perhaps I could try that again to make sure my salt concentration stays high enough!


    Hi Mali
    I have v low BP too (like you, in the range of 90/50). Doctors usually give me a medal for it rather than see it as a problem, but I suspect it affects my energy levels, anxiety, etc. I once asked my doctor what I could do to raise it & she jokingly said “Have lots of red meat, salt and alcohol”. I suspect there is a pretty strong genetic element with BP. Both my parents have very low BP. Maybe that’s the case for you? I notice it more in hot weather (& so have a preference for cold weather). I saw a very interesting BBC documentary about introversion/extroversion, response to pain & BP. Seems introverts respond to pain with lowered blood pressure and extroverts respond with raised blood pressure. I suspect that means absolutely nothing to us and isn’t at all helpful, but I thought I mention it anyway :-)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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