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Bread for the first time in a year….

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    OK…I am a little scared. Doing this is so opposite (180 degrees, in fact. lol) that I am nervous, but hopeful. That said, I’ve been eating paleo – not NO CARB – just no grains, legumes, and dairy, processed foods or sugars other than honey and maple syrup. I ate quinoa and sweet potatoes and squashes for starches.

    ANYWAY, I’m following the suggestions and not worrying about what I eat, and eating a lot. I ate bread with butter and jam and it was SO GOOD. I also had a chocolate bar today, and cereal this morning with whole milk.

    Now I have a sore throat, and swollen glands, which is what happens when I eat too much dairy.

    Anyone else experience this?


    I was too. After my low carb stint I would only consume sugar in the form of whole fruits, however, it felt too restrictive (and hard on my wallet!) and I remember the first time refined sugar touched my lips in 6 months… a chocolate mousse cake at my favorite restaurant. It felt so liberating and stimulating. I felt so rebellious, excited, my adrenaline was soaring (funny that, it hasn’t budged in months).

    Low carb actually induced a dairy intolerance for me. I don’t know why, I was consuming it almost daily. Now I can’t handle too much lactose, particularly low-fat dairy products. Matt Stone emphasises the “healing process” and advises you continue consuming foods you may be intolerant to, with your symptoms improving over time, as your body adapts. However, I have read experiences that are quite the contrast. I recommend you continue consuming dairy and evaluate your symptoms after a few weeks.


    Yah, I think paleo induced a grain intolerance…I was sensitive to wheat before, but not nearly as much as I am now, and other grains too now. UGH.

    That said, I am not interested in gaining a lot of weight before this kicks in. I can’t get my brain around eating foods that I know are unhealthy for me in order to get to health.

    I’m relaxing this month…my December “spa month” regarding food choices, but I am also looking at Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program which says a lot of the same things but is a more detailed program for burning fat. I like 180 better, but I really gotta hope there’s another way to do it that is healthier for me.

    We’ll see.

    The Real Amy

    Personally if it were me, I would wait on the dairy. It’s ok to go slow on these things, and you may be better off starting with grains first and see how you do before you add in tons of dairy. If wheat is an issue, maybe start with rice first and ramp up, then add oats, then white flour, then some whole wheat, etc.

    For dairy, you can always start with ghee, then butter, then yogurt, then cheese, then whole milk, etc. Least likely to cause issues up to most likely to cause issues.

    The good news is, it doesn’t sound like you were low-carb before, so weight gain may not be as big an issue, unless you were really low-cal or something.


    Nope, not low cal…and in fact I lost weight and gained body fat (weight stayed the same) in the 10 week clean eating challenge. What I think may have happened was that I ate most of my calories from fat, rather than carbs and protein although I ate plenty of both of those too.

    I added in some grains the last few days, even WHEAT, and haven’t had a reaction…that’s something!

    Dairy is fine, it makes me phlegmy, but that’s all it’s ever done.

    The biggest thing for me this last week is NOT WORRYING about it all.



    Oh, I meant lost muscle and gained body fat, weight stayed the same.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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