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Butter and Body Temperature?

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    So after a month and change of experimenting with Diet Recovery I’ve learned a lot and continued to do research on raising metabolism etc.

    Time and time again I think back to my first couple days and the early success I had getting up to over 99 degrees and even being able to keep that up while drinking fluids.
    Granted the first few days I eliminated symptoms of bloating and had better mental performance etc and I was eating upwards of 6000 calories a day I realized something I was doing differently.

    The first couple of days of practically Binge eating I was actually losing a little weight and felt best. I was actually consuming around 1,000 Calories of butter a day.
    Now I’m 11lbs heavier then I was starting this which I don’t like but I was expecting. The first few days though when I was eating a lot of butter throughout the day I actually lost weight.

    I looked into some studies I had seen in the past that fat actually burns the most calories. So I was wondering if the butter was increasing my body temp and also keeping me from gaining weight?

    Any thoughts anyone?


    Butter, cream and other full-fat dairy products were key in getting my temps to come up! Plus they taste ridiculously awesome…


    Might have something to do with the butyric acid, a short chain fatty acid that is very metabolically stimulating, and actually gets its name from butter. It’s found naturally in dairy fat, but the body also makes it by fermenting certain types of dietary fiber. Matt made some videos about fiber and resistant starch talking about that a bit.


    He also writes in Diet Recovery about a study Stephen Guyenet discusses about butyric acid on his site here.

    Your mileage may vary when it comes to macronutrient ratios, but butter certainly has some metabolically supportive qualities. If it’s working for you to include ample amounts of it, by all means, enjoy.


    Both of you thank you and that study was excellent I’m watching matts videos now.
    I’m going go back to eating butter throughout the day and see if this helps me burn off some weight I gained as well as body temp!


    That’s so interesting!! Please update us and let us know what happens.


    Thats probably the reason why so many people here always report feeling hot when eating potato especially with butter,cream,cheese. Bc they get a load of butyric acid twice.
    Once from the large amount of soluble fiber in the potato and also from the butter.
    Ive read that butyric acid increases brown fat in the body,the bodyfat that helps to burn fat. They also wrote something about soluble fiber attaching to fat,decreasing the abillity to store it. Though i dont know if were talking large amounts of fat here. So,reading that logically would explain why certain people here stop gaining at a certain point bc they (unsubconsciously) eat the 2 butyric acid sources and increase their brown fat mass?….but i also know,nothing is as black&white as it seems. I think this works this way for people who have no/little underlying healthconditions.


    Yea it’s really interesting. I lost half a pound from yesterday when I took it at night but now I’m focusing in on it to see.
    It’d be great to be able to over eat to restore metabolism but also not gain weight or to much while doing so.
    That would be quite the win win.


    Awesome! Will you tell me how you’ve been eating the butter (plain, on something, etc) and what else you eat? Thanks!

    mighty m

    Very cool! As our pal Dr Price found, butter was literally sacred to the Swiss. And, beyond culinary appreciation, isn’t there something understood to be medicinal/mystical/sacred (?) about butter and ghee in Indian traditions, too? At any rate, it’s a pretty wonderful food.

    , second that. Baked potatoes with liberal butter and extra salt is a great warmer for me, and the taste is absolutely incredible, surprisingly as sensual as ice cream and desserts. I mean, I always liked baked potatoes OK before, but right now, that combo seems to really intensely connect with something physical in the appetite. Without salt, though, no way, boring, unappetizing. Probably because the potato’s potassium needs a lot of salt to balance out?


    @migthy m yeah,i also think its bc of sodium/potassium balance. You probably experience the same warming effect,not needing to add salt,when you eat them with melted cheese or bake them with salted butter?


    Thats really interesting. Please provide us with update on the butter,weight and total amount of calories after adding the butter in


    You mention a reduction in bloating initially, so the weight you lost was probably just water. Weight fluctuations on such a short time scale usually aren’t fat.
    Butter is very calorie dense, and so goes a long way toward improving functioning for someone with a shitty metabolism. Its also seems to be one of the few foods a lot of people in the alternative health world agree on as being healthy.

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