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Calling all Thermometer Nerds!

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    Teen Witch

    So, I take my temperature a lot…when I wake up , throughout the day , after meals, etc for feedback and to geek out in general.

    Anyways, I recently bought a new thermometer and It gives me a different reading than my previous one ( I will take them back to back)- at times its more than a degree’s difference. Now I’m freaking out because I don’t know which one is accurate. Anyone ever run into this issue or know how to reconcile it?

    What kind of thermometer do you use?


    To check for accuracy, I would compare to a standard mercury thermometer. If you’re taking your temperature orally, you need to keep it under the tongue for about 5 minutes.

    mighty m

    I had poor luck with drug-store digital thermometers, myself. I like the Geratherm analog thermometer. They are a German brand, but I’ve seen them in many drugstores in the US, inc Walgreens and Pharmaca chains. It has some kind of non-toxic mercury substitute. Takes longer to get a reading than digital, but seems more consistent and reliable. To speed the reading, I stick it in my bra to warm it up for a couple minutes!


    I bought some mercury thermometers months ago. The mercury is stuck on the bottom and I can’t get at it! I’ve already broken like 3 trying to “flick it”. It will not budge. What’s the deal?


    Like mighty m I have had a good experience with the geratherm thermometers. I trust the reading on those thermometers but definitely not with the digital thermometers I’ve used. However, I will add that the digital thermometer that I currently use reports that it is done by beeping, but that number is usually very low, and I notice that if I keep the thermometer under my arm for another minute or two I get a more stable, higher reading. So while my vote is for the geratherm, I also think that some digital thermometers might give more accurate readings if left in place for longer.


    Vizzy, what do you mean by stuck on the bottom? Does it not move when you take your temp? By flicking it, do you mean tapping it with your finger or snapping your wrist as you shake it?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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