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Can someone help me?

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    Apologies to everyone for my frequent posting and frantic panicking episodes.

    My health is just declining by the DAY.

    In the last week I’ve been having problems with my left leg and arm. They both feel weak and numb. I am also frequently urinating. This sensation is worse after having bowel movements or not emptying my bladder for a few hours.

    I think I’m losing electrolytes. I’m eating a lot of veggies so I’m getting potassium and magnesium, as well as calcium from the dairy.

    I upped salt and my symptoms improved instantly.

    A few weeks ago I desperately overdosed on raw thyroid and adrenal supplements. This sensation then became spariodic and I thought nothing of it, but it’s been persisting more often in the last week or two.

    Do I suddenly have hypotension or something? Would appreciate a different opinion before I visit my doctor that seems to lazily and condescendingly misdiagnose every single symptom I have to anxiety. She abruptly blurted; “get over it” at some point.


    Cindy, I remember having feelings like this and after getting blood work done (thinking it was hormonal in nature) the only thing out of range was my Vitamin D level. It was low. You should get it tested if you haven’t already, the test is becoming more and more common luckily.

    I didn’t have the physical numbness associated with low D levels, but a google search quickly revealed many results of other people who did experience the same thing with a Vit D deficiency.

    But it is important to test first to see where you are. My husband just started throwing back Vit D supplements when I did and his blood work later on showed his level was very high. Then again, he may of never had a deficiency in the first place.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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