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Carb coma?

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    Every time I try to have a high carb breakfast like pancakes and syrup, it puts me in a coma and I have to go back to bed and sleep another 3 hours. Why? It doesn’t affect me so much later in the day. I mean, anesthesia wouldn’t work better for putting me out. What gives?

    I’ve been RRARFing for about 3 months now after being very low-carb/paleo for 8 years.


    Recent post from Matt on that topic here


    Thanks, Rob!


    Just my 50 pence…. Someone else on here (JDubs??) mentioned that a really massive carb coma suggests digestive weakness, and I agree. If I eat fruit or something sweet and starchy on top of something heavy and savoury, it’s like culinary Kryptonite- I can feel like total crap for the following 3 or 4 hours- yawning, heavy fatigued limbs, bloated. It’s a horrible feeling, actually, like being poisoned. However I’m now experimenting eating more Peat-style- no starch at all, so low-carb dishes like eggs and celery root slices in coconut oil with salt or liver/fish/seafood and salad followed by- at least half an hour to an hour later- a big bowl of fruit, cream or coconut cream, with salt, gelatin, molasses, sometimes some chocolate or coconut macaroon. This raises my temps better I find, and is much better digested (currently 36.9 C, nice popped out vasculature in my hands, and no yawning…) I think this is interesting in the light of what Matt has said re carbs inducing yawning/fatigue as a result of bringing down stress hormones. Perhaps for some people (like myself) it’s also due to poor HCL production and subsequent fermentation in the stomach and gut.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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