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    Any thoughts on Carrageenan, Gums, Thickeners etc?

    I know they are far from ideal, but they are literally in so many things!

    Some say avoid them like the plague… What do you guys think?

    Just something else to be obsessed and stressed about?


    I try to avoid carrageenan ‘like the plague’ but the others I’m a little less stressed about. I still try to avoid them where I can though.

    Matt Stone

    I think just something to be stressed out about. I will typically choose ice cream that doesn’t contain gums, and other products where feasible.


    Cool. Yeah its hard to find ice cream in Aus that doesnt have gums etc. I make my own scream when possible, but otherwise I guess just eat the damn food!


    eat it whatever…but I do think it makes my poop a bit weird. I suppose if you are having bouts of the runs it might be helpful to bind things up, considering they use the ingredients in those gums as material for diapers to absorb fluids…but who knows.
    I do wonder the same thing though…wondering what it’s doing to all my little good bacteria in my digestive system.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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