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What is causing my constipation?

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    For about the past year I’ve suffered from extremely odd bowel movements. I go about once a day, but the bowels themselves are pathetic. They ALWAYS come out in maybe four or five little “pellets”, and that’s it. So, my overall stool volume is very small.

    I have increased my caloric intake pretty significantly. I was eating 900-1200 for months on end (yes I had an ED), then increased to 1400-1600 for a couple, and now I’m eating 2200+ a day. Even eating this amount, my constipation hasn’t gotten better AT ALL.

    I am very distressed because I have gained nearly 11 pounds. I know I can’t go back to insane calorie restriction, but I need to do something. I have a very small frame so 11 pounds is very noticeable on my body type.

    I have a feeling my constipation is what is causing my weight gain, considering I’ve never been a very big person. I don’t know what to do though!! Can anyone please help me? If you need more information about my diet or lifestyle or any of that, I can provide that. I am just so huge and uncomfortable and I really feel that this is an issue with my metabolism. I just don’t where to start!


    I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but I would theorize that your stool size has not increased because the body is just taking in and retaining what it has been needing for a while now.

    I doubt the constipation is causing your weight gain. You would be gaining weight even if you didn’t have it, I would imagine, just like how I did and I had no constipation issues. I think if you increased your calorie intake even more, you would finally start getting decent stool volume.

    In terms of weight gain, I went from 57kg to 82kg in two months. Now 9 months later, I am 96kg. I haven’t had constipation during any of this.


    I’d take another looks at how you’re getting your calories… maybe add some ‘bulk’ items… like fiber and starchy veggies (potatoes, carrots, beets, etc.).

    Make sure you’re getting enough fats, too… slather your potatoes with some yummy butter and cream, see if that helps start moving things through.

    How has your temperature been since you’ve added the calories? Has it moved up?

    How about your energy levels, warm hands/feet, etc? Any other symptoms?

    Try not to worry about the weight… your body is still in ‘recover’ mode – so keep feeding it.

    Maybe take some slow strolls around a nice park in your area… de-stress and enjoy nature (even if it’s covered in snow, that can be pretty, too). A walk in fresh air might help up the metabolism a little, too – just don’t turn it into “exercise”, keep it fun.

    I don’t think I could handle doubling my weight, like Alatoras has… but a few pounds may be just what the Dr. ordered. Concentrate on how you feel, and see if that helps reduce your anxiety.


    you need to take magnesium glycinate…twice a day and your issues will dissapear…i had the same “pellet” issue and its now gone

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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