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    I was told by the dentist that I have two cavities. Through fifteen years of thyroid disease, fourteen years as a vegetarian, three as a vegan and stints doing WAP, raw food and Paleo I managed to keep my teeth healthy. I told the hygenist (who now thinks I’m nuts) that I wanted to try to remineralize them but all the advice suggests to stay clear of grains and sugar and guzzle CLO. Anyone have any success healing cavities without destroying their metabolic health? I’ve worked too hard to go back to a Paleo diet (plus I’m afraid if I lose the weight I’ve gained following Matt’s advice, I’ll go down that rabbit hole again and never make my way out).
    I brush twice a day (fluoride free Tom’s type toothpaste), always forget to floss and am vitamin D deficient (taking a supplement when I remember).


    @kim, Your question has already been addressed in this thread, I believe:


    Thanks, Thomas. I read through that thread but didn’t see anyone address remineralizing teeth. Someone mentioned thinking they may have had a cavity that they treated with clove oil but nothing else.


    We did the re mineralization protocol for a number of years but we were only off grains for about six months of that which was not a good idea we all suffered. I would suggest lots of bone broth and if you eat bread just do sourdough or sprouted sourdough preferably. Lots of seafood and seaweed and nutritional teas like nettle and red raspberry leaf. We spent a lot of money on CLO but I’m not convinced it did anything.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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