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Cheeseslave's Weight Loss Diet

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    Julia Gumm

    I think it’s shitty. If you subtract her wine allotment from her total calorie allotment, you’re lookin’ at a mere 425-550 calories from food per day. Come the fuck on. Cheesey doesn’t have to please everyone, but a blog dedicated to good health and nourishment has some ‘splainin’ to do when promoting a diet like that. Yay?


    cheeseynuts has sum splainin ta do!

    sheila g

    Two words – treadmill desk. Eff that.
    Also, I have never been one who can be motivated by little electronic devices (a la FitBit). I am impressed by those who can have success come so easily. Guess I am too anti-authoritarian.
    I suspect having alcohol play a significant part of a severely calorie restricted diet is problematic (agree with drunkorexia comment).
    Nevertheless, I wish Cheesy all the best!


    @ Julia – Amen sister!


    @Rabu- I like the one Kaleo recommends:

    I want to add that I know that energy balance often doesn’t work so precisely, and it can be hard to get a read on 100 calories plus or minus from day to day. I know. But the idea of setting a goal that accounts for a robust and active lifestyle and metabolism, and consistently working with that makes sense, versus the crash/binge now, normalize later idea.


    I think it’s crazy. Clearly a yo-yo in the making. Even if she gets to her weight goals eating so little, staying there forever is unsustainable. Return to eating normally and her weight will go up.

    As I understand it, even limiting oneself to 1,500 calories as is often prescribed in the mainstream is unsustainable – and she is limiting herself to half that.


    @Rob – thanks!


    So it’s NOT OKAY for her to cut calories, but it’s OKAY to force feed yourself 3,000 calories when you’re not hungry? Please explain to me that logic. Where shoving down 3,000-5,000 calories when you are NOT hungry is healthy and cutting calories is unhealthy.
    Seriously girls do you really want to lose weight? If you do, you will have saggy skin and no boobs, unless your getting plastic surgery. I have seen Cheeseslave’s measurements, and her breast size is moving down. Go Kaleo is a prime example of what extreme dieting can do with female bodies. You attack her for the weight loss, and when she gains 6 lbs you will attack her again.
    If I was cheeseslave I would have never said anything.
    You guys make people want to jump over a cliff. You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.


    Cheeseslave occasionally writes attention-getting posts (like when she did the posts about eating more carbs and being against Paleo and so on). I think more people are more savvy about not eating super low calorie in her niche and this makes her stand out from the crowd. More traffic and polarization makes money for blogs. And I’m sure some people really don’t mind losing weight by eating super low calorie and are okay with following her advice.

    (I have to say…my Grandma has been eating like this for a few years and it has taken a toll on her health. :( )

    I’m also pretty sure Cheeseslave’s doing the diet too, which I would never do.

    I’m losing weight by doing what Rob (and Go Kaleo) suggested. I eat at the TDEE of my target weight and I walk every day. I generally eat to satiety and then have ice cream at night as a bedtime snack and am losing weight. I’ve lost 5-6 pounds in the last 3 weeks (which included a relaxing trip to Colo) AND I’m not eating low-anything or exercising myself too hard. Weight loss can be achieved that way!

    I hope Cheeseslave does well with this and that her readers stay safe.


    I wanted to add that when she’s all done with her diet, I hope Cheeseslave adds the extra calories back slooooowly, as I’ve heard this can decrease rebound bloating and weight gain.


    I don’t think it’s sustainable. I’ve been following Cheeseslave for a couple of years now, and it’s not the fact that she changes her story so much that bothers me, but her reaction in the comments to anyone who disagrees with her. She’s always so defensive and a bit argumentative. I dared to comment that I would rather my child be a social, well-rounded person than rich (on the post about why she lets her child watch as much tv as she wants), and the reaction from Cheeseslave was very derisive, as if I was stupid for not wanting my child to be rich. (And since I can see no way for a child of mine to be rich unless they were pursuing wealth, I stand by this statement.)

    Personally I will never go back to restrictive weight loss diets. I’m 10 pounds over what I would like to be right now, but until I can get a consistent exercise routine, I’m not going to worry about it. It’s not worth it.


    Slightly but not entirely OT – @Rob, @I am Beth, @Kendahl especially, please please please start a thread on weight loss experiences following the gokaleo approach you’re all talking about (I know it’s on your site Kendahl, and very, very cool too, congrats – but bring it over here please!).
    I’m doing the same reading and following the same approach. I’m in a similar place with a similar history. Seems like a few people here have found they get trapped after normalizing metabolism, but stay stuck not able to lose weight, perhaps due to what Amber mentions – inflammation and oestrogen from excess fat tissue. Left stuck suffering with inflammation issues, injuries, adrenal issues, oestrogen excess – (about covers me I think!) and are trying with all their reading to put it together in such a way that this particular vicious cycle can be broken.
    I like what Matt says about it being like tanning without getting sunburned – cautiously working within that ‘envelope’ of health and trying to expand it, mindful always of our adrenal and other backlashes! Aiming primarily to feel better, stronger, not 99 – and weight loss would be nice too!
    ‘Cos I think it’s groundbreaking stuff, pioneering stuff. And these forums could really help us crack it!
    And here’s why what I say is not totally OT – we’re feeling our way with this, tons of conflicting confusing info, individual differences in how we respond to stuff, and it would be nice not to have the already murky waters muddied further!


    I’m on the Cheesetroll train. As Eminem says:

    Well I’m back na na na na na na na na
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    Anyone remember this little gem? People are STILL commenting on it.


    I just don’t get why people have to go from one extreme to another. She could have cut 500 calories from what she was eating before and lose just fine. Probably not that much slower, but sparing more muscle, staying more healthy and with sustainability. It seems like we humans have to be all or none. Slow and steady wins the race and all that.

    “An ED person will say she is not hungry. Although experts dispute whether she actually does feel hunger or not, it is clear she feels calmer, energized and dissociated from negative feelings (emotionally blunted) as a result of suppressing her hunger [S. Guisinger, 2003; M. Duclos et al., 2012]. The ED-skewed neurotransmitters are able to override what the leptin levels should be triggering: unpleasant moods and the desire to eat more. ?”

    I can attest, I was not hungry when I was eating 800-900 cals a day. Fo real. Then I had the gall bladder attack from hell (had had them for years off and on). Went on for days, got jaundice (pee yellow? heck I peed brown, honey!) and then I got a stone in my pancreatic duct and had pancreatitis. That was so fun. Let’s do it again! Haha, nah I’ll eat like a sane person. It is scary though how easily a person could go back to restriction. Even though I’ve not let myself go hungry any length of time since mid March- usually eating over 3,000 calories a day. I still sometimes feel the pull to restrict. If I wasn’t’ tracking, I don’t know that I could do it. I have to see what I’m eating or I start wildly guessing, I’m eating way too much, I’m eating way too little. Nah, I’ve got a map here, says I’m right on course. Ok, I can think about something else and go on about my life.


    I understand why so many posters are frustrated with this blogger’s switch to an ultra-low calorie diet, but it seems to me that inconsistent eating patterns are the unifying thread in this community. I know I’ve changed my mind about diet several times, then changed back, and then changed another three times just for good measure. It’s nearly impossible to know the best path when there are so many persuasive, yet completely contradictory sources of information.

    Like most of you, I agree she’s probably going to have to eat more calories to achieve robust health, but I can understand the lack of consistency in her program, because I’ve gone through these vacillations so many times myself.

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