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    david i know how you feel. i used to always switch and change diets and it’s fustrating :( so hard because there is so much information. Right now i am just trying to eat relatively balanced. but i am adding a zinc supplement with each meal and it is clearing my skin, and helping me sleep so much. i am also trying to get about 20 grams of protein with at least 2 of my meals a day,


    Yep, with so much information out there, so much of which is contradictory, it’s hard to say what a healthy diet really looks like. I think that ultimately self-experimentation is the only way to really know what works. My philosophy is, when something makes you feel better, keep doing it, and when it makes you feel worse, find something else. But it’s still a very difficult process.

    I agree with you about the importance of having a regular source of protein, even if it’s not a lot. For me that makes a big difference.


    @David- I might amend that statement just a bit by asking a question I stole from Danny Roddy: is what I’m doing that makes me feel bad something that a healthy person experiences? (For example, feeling lousy with fruit or carbs or fats, or whatever?) If not, is there something I can do to not have a bad reaction to this practice? Is there some way to adjust and become more robust to manage this and increase my flexibility and adaptability?

    And @caz- totally with you about protein. I get a distinctive headache when I just starch it out with no protein for a day. Even just some potatoes rather than white rice or bread as my starch will help alleviate it, and mindfulness in the morning to include something like yogurt or eggs helps stop it before it happens.


    This is off-topic, but what happened with your gallbladder issue and were you able to heal it? I’m having some serious gallbladder issues- they also started when I was eating too few calories– I’m trying to re-feed (though probably still not enough) but my gallbladder is still freaking out. Any suggestions?


    I just read through the comments on that posting and wow…she’s quite defensive about her decision to eat 800 calories a day. And frankly, she should be.

    Let’s do the math, shall we?
    1000 calorie deficit from 1800 estimated TDEE = 800 calories
    minus 540 calories a day walking (6 miles a day).
    minus 200-300 calories for her nightly 2-3 glasses of wine.

    Based on this, she’s subsisting on -40 calories a day of actual food. Food that she says includes butter, cheese, pizza, and dessert.


    Hey Anna, sorry I just saw this. I would get on some herbs for the liver. I hope it’s ok to post links, this is my moms website. You can call her for a consult (she doesn’t charge). She’s been through my ordeal with my gall bladder and my aunt also has trouble and the liver herbs help her. . My mom is an RN .


    Any thoughts on her latest I Love Paleo blog post this morning? I get where she is coming from but Paleo is such a powerful word in my opinion.


    Just saw the picture of cheeseslave on the red carpet at the emmys today. Maybe that is why she has been dieting so hard the last few months.


    She mentioned the Emmys as her motivating factor a while back. I still think she mis-represented her diet though, as aside from that one article that laid out her calorie count, the rest of her posts gave the impression that she was only cutting back by a moderate amount. The sad thing is that her FB page is filled with so many ppl who think that what she did was healthy/balanced/great. Em no… it’s called drunkorexia!


    What about the comment calling Matt Stone a fatty and saying everyone who follows his advice ends up diabetic?


    who made that comment and where?


    obviously someone on that blog page, in the comments (search the page for diabetes to find). I’ll paste it here but it will be completely out of context:

    “mm July 2, 2013 at 3:57 AM

    Do you think that matt stone is right? Many people have diabetes now after following his advice, and he is a porker himself with health problems.

    I really feel sorry for the people who lost their health following matt’s advice, and he takes no responsibility for it, he never answers the people who are asking him why they ended up severely overweight and sick on his advice.

    You can think that the weight will mysteriously melt off after a year of refeeding, but for most people it doesn’t, it’s just a theory which matt has and it does not translate to reality.

    And most people in the US do overeat, you eat massive amounts of food there, you are welcome to come over to Europe and see how small the portions are here. Plus, there is no denying hard core data which shows how many more calories people are eating these days.

    I don’t think that Ann-Marie is doing permanent damage to herself because her body is eating up its fat stores. I know a ton of french women for example who occasionally diet like this, and they are healthy (and slim).”


    PS I haven’t heard any specific complaining here about diabetes, just found this post interesting. I’ve never been to America but my neighbour put on one and a half stone (21lbs) there on holiday- he said it’s because chips (fries to ye) are served free with almost everything. Here (UK) if you want chips on the side it’s about ?2 which is quite a few dollars. Of course, it’s his choice whether to eat them or not, but there is a general perception that Americans are generous with food portions whereas we are stingy.


    Crinkly, you are right about the food portions here, but I want to add that the fries are cooked in nasty canola or soybean oil. That’s where I think the problem is.


    Yeah i hads to quit this i’m afriad. it was ruining my life and making me fat and tired and lazy. Now i am eating healthy again, exercising and just foxusing on getting good sleep. I have learnt that getting what you want in life takes a lot of hard work. I came to matt sites at first because i wanted the easy way out.

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